Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goals Setting - How to Start the Morning the Right Way

By Rusty O'Connor

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While we often imagine what it would be like to bound out of bed at 5:30am fully energized, rested, and ready to take on the day, the reality is that this often doesn't happen. Most of us hit that annoying alarm button, turn over and try to get a few extra minutes of sleep. We spend the next half hour to an hour trying to get organized and take on the day.

The effect that your morning routine can have on your motivation and effectiveness can have on your whole day can be huge. If you start the day wrong it can affect your whole day. To help you out, this article provides seven tips to help start your day right and be productive throughout the day.

•Get a good night sleep: We know it is not possible to sleep well every night...but...if you average at least seven to eight hours in bed five nights of the week you will feel a lot better, have more energy and be more productive.

•Change the sound of your alarm clock: That annoying alarm clock sound is no way to start the day! It will get you into a bad mood. Try setting an alarm with music or a sound that you actually like to start the day.

•Think about your goals: Start the day by thinking about your goals and what you want to achieve out of the day. If you start like this it will give you perspective for the tasks you undertake each day. For example, if your goal is to retire from your regular job and run an Internet business then the one hour you spend working on your Internet business will move you closer to your goal. Another good trick is to think of outcomes rather than the tasks. If you think of the feeling of completing your tasks rather than the actual undertaking of them you will feel a lot happier and lot more motivated.

•Exercise: Even 10 minutes of exercise in the morning will help wake you up and get you ready to face the day. A small amount of aerobic exercise and some stretching is all that is needed.

•Water: Most of us don't drink enough water. Always staying hydrated can help keep your energy levels up, so try and drink your eight glasses a day.

•To Do List: Always plan your day and write a to-do-list. Your list should be consistent with your goals, and should focus on the most important items first.

•Reward yourself: Have a simple reward for later in the day for when you have completed your tasks. It may be watching a movie, going for a walk or a chocolate bar. Whatever works for you.

Morning don't have to be that bad. Wake up with some nice music, do some light exercise, and think about the outcomes that you want to achieve. This will get you out of bed motivated and ready to take on the day.