Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Message of the week

3 Amazing Secrets To Keeping Focused!

By James Farren

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6243797

•Clear Your Head: Okay, the easiest way to gain focus is to clear your head. Every day we have millions of thoughts running through our heads, we are thinking about almost everything all of the time. Why is this bad? Because when you are trying to focus on something, trying to get work done, all you can think of is the other 5 billion things in your life! Our brain really functions like a computer, now can you imagine if you had even just 1000 programs running? The computer would be a slow as all hell. It would struggle to do even the most simple tasks. This is exactly what happens to you and me when we are trying to work. To overcome this, you must take 10-15 minutes to write down everything running through your head. Literally write down every single thought that runs through your head. What this does is empties all the your thoughts that are stopping you from focusing onto a piece of paper. You would be surprised at how effective this technique is!

•Eliminate Distractions: If you are trying to complete a task, nothing is worse than your phone ringing, or someone coming to speak to you, or even that urge to check Facebook or your emails. If you are to maintain our focus, you must ensure that nothing will come in and destroy it! The amount of times I see people in the middle of a task check their emails, or check there phone, or even go on Facebook, is ridiculous! So when trying to maintain focus, make sure you turn your phone off, don't check your emails, and for gods sake, don't go on Facebook!

•Just Do It: Ah my favourite technique. If you can't keep focus and your mind is wondering. Just Do The Work! Stop being a baby, stop complaining and do it. Don't let yourself think about other stuff, get you game face on and complete the task at hand. If you really want something you will not let anything stand in your way! You won't let that comment your family member said, or that nasty email you got get in your way! You won't let it ruin your focus. You will use it to just to the work!