Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Are Your Fears?

By Angelene O'Reilly

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Your probably thinking is this woman crazy, exciting and fears are not the kind of words you would put together in a sentence.

Think of a small child learning to walk, you can see the fear on their face. The excitement of getting to where they want to be overcomes the fear as they take each step. Nothing really changes as you grow older and go into areas of uncertainty.

How often do you think about your fears? Do you even know what they are? Have you tucked them so far back in your mind hoping you never have to face them? What are your fears?

Fears come in all shapes and sizes, the majority we can overcome on our own. Some though do require assistance to get over, these are usually the ones you have held deep inside since you were a young child. In saying that there is certainly no harm in trying on your own to see if you can get pass them once you recognize them.

Ask yourself again, what are your fears?

Life is here for us to live, making decisions to overcome your fears is one of the greatest decisions you will make. To often people put it off thinking they will just go away. No thoughts just go away unless we do the work required to make them, especially when it comes to fears.

Once you are aware what your fears are then and only then can you start the exciting process of becoming a better you. There is nothing that is beyond your ability if you really want to achieve it.

You know that feeling when you are full of fear, then you face it head on and overcome it. Now that sure is exciting, the butterflies in your stomach before you face it creates so much energy and when you achieve what you feared the energy is then turned into sheer bliss.

These are moments of personal achievement you will remember for the rest of your life and they will always make you proud. One can never have to many of these moments, in fact the more you have the more you will continue to have. You will start to get more and more excited when that butterfly feeling comes along.

Make your life one full of personal growth by facing your fears so you can get more out of your life. Wishing you all the best in your exciting adventure of making yourself proud by overcoming fears you never thought you would.