Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Joy of Fun

By Heidi Heron

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6212185

When was the last time that you truly had a great laugh? One that shook your body, came from your belly and brought tears to your eyes? They say laughter is the best medicine - and I think whoever "they" are, are right.

Off and on for the past couple of weeks I've been spending time with my 16 year old cousin Megan. What a bright shining light she is. And we have fun! Sure, it's the same kind of fun as I normally have - yet its different. We laugh. And, we laugh without filters - at just about everything. Singing songs wrong, slurping spaghetti, other people, learning to drive a manual car, tripping over things, getting tongue tied. It's great.

I think that what I've learned is that joy and fun and combined in a way that also includes laughter and a lack of filtering. I'm not even sure how to say "no filters" in NLP speak. Maybe it would be filter-less... a lack of self consciousness... egoless... yet all of those require conscious mind filtering. Yet, I hope you know what I mean.

At some point when we grow up - maybe it's on the cusp of when we become an 'adult' (whenever that is!), we forget or create filters on fun. "Oh, what will others think", "I can't do that!", "That shouldn't be funny!", "I need to get serious now". What we find fun and amusing when we are young is often swept away. I have a client who has two young children and she herself can be quite dull at home. When I asked her how often she has fun, she replied "can parents have fun? I didn't know it was allowed!" Where did she learn that silly rule from?

What would happen if you could look at the world again through your old eyes and your old filters? What if just singing in the car could again release the endorphins needed for more lightness and fun? What if you could just people watch for a while and be delighted in what you see and hear?

It is now time to Google some kids jokes, cartoon and go see a comedy show. Jump out there, into fun land and learn to laugh again. It's worth it!

One great thing that I admire about myself (if one can do that) is that I'm easily amused. I suppose somewhere or another I didn't fully pick up the adult filters. And, I'm not about to go looking for them now!