Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mind Development Tips To Take Your Life To The Next Level

By Robert N Jones

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Are you wondering how you can boost your mind and as a consequence drastically improve your life?

If you really want to change and improve your lifestyle, apply some effective but powerful mind development tips I talk about below.

Tips in Mind Development

1) You have to make an effort in using your memory skills and improving the health of your brain.

2) Stay sharp by playing brain games. You are keeping you brain healthy at the same time you are having fun. There are available games online that can improve attention, memory, and concentration.

3) Improve your mind by getting enough sleep. You need to recharge your physical and mind batteries.

4) Eat more foods rich in omega-3 or fish oil vitamins. It will help you improve your behavior, performance and memory.

5) Do you know that stress is a big factor in mind development? Too much stress is bad for your mind development. You cannot remember things vividly and cannot stay focused. Stress can also damage brain structure in encoding short-term memory.

6) Involve in exercise. It can reduce the chances of depression, stress and anxiety. You have to do some cardiovascular activities at least twice a week.

7) Learn how to relax through meditation, yoga or tai chi. This is to release tensions in your mind and body.

8) By simply appreciating everything that you have, you can improve the function of your mind. Learn to be thankful to all the good things in your life.

9) Have a good social group of friends and family. Pets can help you as well by making you happy and relaxed.

10) Learn how to write the things you need to accomplish for the day. Have a planner to write your schedule and errands. It is rewarding to see when everything on your list has been crossed out. This only means that you have accomplished it already.

11) Know how to prioritize. You might be stressing your mind. For instance, you don't need to memorize all the names in your boss' party. You might need only five names to remember that you will have contact with in the future.

12) Learn how to focus and concentrate when you are learning something. The brain needs at least eight seconds to assimilate information into the proper memory center. Once you focus, your brain cells will actively receive the information.

13) Each person has a learning style. You have to understand your style. You might be better in learning if you use visuals, or images or auditory.

14) Help yourself by organizing information such as making a logbook of important numbers, dates, and names.

15) If you have difficulties in understanding a topic or information, don't force yourself. Let your brain understand it for a while instead of cramming it up into your brain.

16) Learn how to relate information as well to the five senses.

There are no magical spells and cures. You can have quality life by improving some of your habits and changing some of your practices. You will surely succeed in school, work, and life by applying some of these tips in mind development.