Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long Term Goals - 5 Tips to Set

By Susan Kersley

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Long term goals are those important goals that you are deciding you would like to achieve after a considerable period of time. They might be what you want to have in your life in five years for example, which might include where you want to live, what sort of job you have or what you have become knowledgeable in being able to do.

To set these long term goals you need to use the principles of setting smart goals.

1.Specific- All goals are more likely to be achieved when you have made them specific and this is true of long term goals too. Don't state them in vague terms. For example rather than ' I want to live by the sea' state specifically in which town and country and in what sort of residence would you like to live.

2.Measurable- This follows on from a specific goal and is about how will you know when you've achieved this. It might be something like wanting to lose a certain amount of weight so that you will know by the number on the scales if you have managed to do this. So make sure you set yourself a way of measuring the goal to confirm that you've achieved it.

3.Achievable- With long term goal you may think it is almost unlikely that you can actually reach your outcome that you want. Take a step back and ask yourself whether you could actually get to where you want in that time and with the amount of work and dedication you are putting towards your goal.

4.Realistic- This goes with the last tip. Ask yourself if your time lapse is a reasonable one, or is it either too long or too short to get to where you want to in life. Some people spend their whole lives regretting they didn't become something or someone who they could never have become. Don't aim to be a ballet dancer if your are tall and clumsy and past the age for good dancers to perform. That would be unachievable as well as unrealistic!

5.Timed- Make sure you define the date by when you want to achieve your long term goal. Put it in your diary or somewhere where you can see it and have check in dates such as 'half finished by this date.' In this way you can keep yourself on track to get moving towards your long term goal.