Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Build A Positive Company Image

By Jessah T Lopez

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Your company's image is how your clients and potential clients view your brand, your products and services. More often than not, a company's image precedes how your customers feel about your business even before they contact you. It follows then that if they see your company and your people as reliable and honest, then they will more likely to choose your business rather than seek out your competitors. Below are the steps that any company can follow if it wants to build a positive brand image.

Do Not Sacrifice Integrity

Many companies have lost valuable business from their customers because they do not have a culture of honesty and integrity within their organization. Simply put, do not lie or cheat your clients. If you promised something, you must deliver. Countless businesses say that they are the best in the industry and their products and services are top-notch. They over-promise and under-deliver so they do not get return business from their target market. Unless you can

Set a Good Example

If you own your business, then you should be the first one to emulate the good qualities that you want your organization to be known for. If you have managers, make sure that they know how to be great leaders and how to serve as positive examples to the other staff.

Focusing on Great Customer Service

People will always prefer businesses that they know cares about them. So ensure that you will reply to all comments, suggestions, and complaints. By letting your clients know that you really take time and effort to listen to them, they will develop respect and loyalty for your company. Great customer service also includes making it easier for your customers to reach you. Whether you cut back on paperwork or have an awesome 24/7 support hotline where they can contact you, do what it takes so that each and every customer is attended to.

Rewarding Your People and Clients

Let us face it; people's loyalty can be achieved if you appreciate their efforts. That rings true for both employees and customers. And if people are happy, they will tell others about you. So be on the good side of your employees and clients by creating incentive and loyalty rewards plans. Give out awards to those who have done their best in selling your services and products. Give out promotional products like pens, jackets and desk supplies to your frequent customers and suppliers who have given you repeat business. By doing little things like that, people are going to view your organization as someone who values relationships.