Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Attract Money Into Your Life

Article Source:http://learnhowtobeconfident.net

Do you really want to learn an exercise that will attract money into your life?

Doing this exercise regularly, you will begin to develop your money consciousness systematically.

On giving your attention to it within only 2-3 times per week for 15 minutes, and your unconscious sphere will look money for you by itself.

An added bonus of this exercise is to create the fertile ground for thinking of a wealthy man.
Want to know what this wonderful exercise is?

Exercise is named “The List attracting money”

Find a quiet place where you cannot be distracted for about 15-20 minutes.

On a blank sheet of A4 write the title with your own hand: I need money for:

Under this heading you should write a list of everything that you need. Put into this list the desired car, apartment, luxury items, etc. It is strongly not recommended to fetter yourself in the desire within this list. The article “One can always dream. Nothing can stop him” will help you in compiling of the “working” list. Let your list consists of 20-30 items. More items are also possible)))

Write the value of the item next to each of them in a convenient currency for you.

As a result of your actions you will have a wish list with the specified value. Now you can summarize it for clarity.

That’s all! Exercise is completed.

- And that’s it? – You ask – Where are the miracles? What’s the secret?

The secret is simple!

Firstly, when you write a list you turn on the fantasy and you begin to visualize it unconsciously – it adjusts your unconscious sphere of the movement to the result.

Second, when you are composing a list, Monetary Law number 1 starts working. This law states: “You have as much money as you need.” The list actualizes the needs and, as a result, the pulling of money and the listed benefits to your life begins. More details about all the laws of money, and how to use them you can receive on the trainings “secrets of success and abundance.”

In conclusion, I want to say that many people use the exercise “List of attracting money” as a regular method to attract money into their life.

One of my students said: “When I urgently need a large sum of money, I sit down and write this list. While writing, I already know that the money will appear. They can appear anywhere, but I do not care – I know that they will. «By the way, this man acquired a wealth of money of about 600 thousand dollars in 2007.

If it worked at him – it for sure will work for you! Enjoy.