Friday, July 15, 2011

Using Music On Your Journey To Success

By Allan Gregoire

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There's no doubt that affirmations and visualization are extremely important tools for guiding us towards various successes. What isn't talked about very often is that there is one critical ingredient which can make the experience more powerful but it can also create a much more lasting and profound effect. The missing ingredient is the emotional intensity that music can add to our mental exercises.

Movie producers and advertisers have long known about the power and the persuasive ability of music to influence emotional states. The use of music can make a scene in a movie much more powerful by complementing the subject matter of the scene and adding a certain mood to it. Advertisers also use music in an effort to get consumers to identify with the product and of course to have a more memorable impression. The same can be done with your attempts at increasing the emotional intensity of affirmations and visualization.

The problem with just stating affirmations to yourself is that it often lacks emotional intensity. Sometimes it seems as if you are just repeating the same mantra to yourself over and over and you wonder if this is really going to be a worthwhile endeavor. But, when you play a song you believe to be inspirational at the same time you are reciting your affirmations or when you are actively engaged in visualizing an outcome you desire, the experience becomes much more powerful.

That's what will make the difference in terms of cementing a belief in yourself and what you are about to undertake. You want your affirmations and visualization experiences to be so powerful that the hair literally stands up on the back of your neck. When you use music as a complement to your mental exercises, you amplify the experience and you more powerfully reinforce subconsciously what it is that you are trying to achieve. Your visualizations and affirmations now carry more weight with your subconscious because an emotional element was added to the mix.

Aren't emotions really what our lives are about anyways? So use music as a powerful tool to amplify the effect of the mental game you are playing in your head. Just as repetition is important to such mental exercises so is repetition of the motivating song as well. You might annoy a few people playing the same song over and over, but when you need to summon the emotional intensity to overcome a challenge, that repetition will serve you well because you can conjure up the emotional intensity you need as if the song were playing in the background. This is a perfect opportunity to take your mental game to another level. Don't let it slip away.