Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Find Your Purpose in Life - 4 Ways to Do It

By Asim Bawany

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Finding one's purpose in life is not always easy. Even the understanding of what a purpose in life should be is difficult. To find your purpose in life, what you should initially understand is that everyone on earth was born having a purpose in their life. Also, this purpose is far more than just performing a duty or a profession, living the usual day to day, or following rules. Your purpose in life is something that only you can do or feel. This purpose defines who you are.

To help you realize what purpose you are born with, here are some steps:

Have your own disposition

This means being able to decide for yourself or being independent. Yes it is true that nobody can live in this world alone, but this does not mean living by the standards of other people. Consider other people's opinions and advice but at the end of every decision, make sure you follow your own idea. Follow other people's suggestions only if you totally agree with them. Believe that you know better than anybody else when it comes to things that involve you. Having the strength to stand your ground is one step to finding that specific purpose you have in life. Avoid confusing your purpose in life to that of the others.

Self awareness

Know yourself better. This is one way to understand who you really are as a person. To do this, try to list down your aspirations as a child, your current ambitions, your frustrations, your anger, your happiness, your disappointments, etc. just write everything you know about yourself. Be totally aware of who and what you are as a person. Understanding yourself will lead you to determining your purpose in life simply by giving you an idea of your interests, your desires, your strengths and weaknesses, your capacities and your capabilities. You should also know what extraordinary things that only you can offer. If you are already sure of your identity, you will be very near to discovering what your purpose in life is.

Keep track of what you are thinking of

Keeping track of everything that crosses your mind is still part of strengthening your self awareness, and listing them down is one way to take your self awareness to the next level. If you list down all the random thoughts that enter your mind, you will soon realize the kind of person that you are, and also the things that you want to achieve. Morbid thoughts might as well define what your purpose in life is. Think of one thing that you do not want to leave undone before you die. Think of things that you want to be associated to you. These simple ideas will help you come near to finding out what your real purpose in life is.

Discover new things about yourself

Expand your knowledge of yourself. At this point in your life, what are the things that you want to try? This will help you discover what makes you happy, pleased, and fulfilled. Knowing your happiness is a step towards discovering your purpose in life.

To be able to really understand your purpose in life, there are lots of things to acknowledge. You should know everything about yourself and you should also understand your self worth. To sum everything up, one's purpose in life lies inside him, all you have to do is discover it. Just continue asking yourself questions and provide the answers. Eventually you will just come to realize that you are born for that one purpose. Whatever it is that you live for, it is surely something that can change a person's life