Monday, July 11, 2011

15 Ideas For Creating A Successful Sales Team

By Gavin Ingham

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Are you looking for ways to motivate an unenthusiastic sales team? The sales business can frustrate anyone, but at the same time you can encourage your team to be successful at work.

1. Have a collective vision - People have a hard time getting excited about work if they don't know what difference it would make to work harder or if your employees have the mentality of "what's in it for me?" You need to create a vision for your sales team. What do your employees aspire to? Brainstorm and come up with something that everyone can get excited about.

2. Make a goal - Now that you know what you want, decide what you will do to get it. Make a goal or a series of goals that will get your team closer to their vision of why they are working for you. Make sure that your goal is attainable and can be measured by both time and yield.

3. Track - Be creative in ways that you can track the progress of your team. Post averages and rankings of performances from the previous day. Use constant reminders of how much closer you are to your goal today than you were yesterday.

4. Measure - have a definite way to measure output from individuals. Everyone needs to feel like they are equal in how their effort matches their output. Measure how close you are to deadlines and therefore how much more or relaxed work can be that day.

5. Reward - A successful sales team is always rewarded. Different people respond to different rewards. Some appreciate a pat on the back while others need lengthy notes or monetary rewards. Feel out the needs of your team and reward them for a job well done.

6. Recognize - When someone goes above and beyond, recognize them for their efforts. Not only will the excelling employee have renewed motivation to exceed expectations again but others will be motivated to follow in suit.

7. Competition - healthy competition can bring out the best in everyone. Even if for no other reason but to beat the other guy, people will be motivated to work hard to be the best.

8. Loyalty to the organization - a successful team needs to believe in the standards of the company if they are going to put their heart and souls into working there. Create ways to show them that the company is worth working for.

9. Trust - Never give your team reason to loose trust in you as their leader. It is much easier to keep someone's trust than to earn it back.

Friendship - there will be times when you need to be the tough boss and tell your team what it is they need to do. Other times try to develop a friendship with or at least a mutual respect with your co-workers.

11. Belief in the product - if you have to lie about how great your product is in order to make a sale, you either need a new product, a new project or a new job.

12. Delegation and ownership - Let others take on big responsibilities. Take ownership for your own responsibilities.

13. Unique contributions - Be on the look-out for people who are making unique contributions. Reward and recognize innovative thinking.

14. Enjoyable environment - Do your best to make the workplace somewhere that your employees feel ok about spending their days. Ideally the workplace would be a place your team looks forward to coming to.

15. Be an example - You cannot expect to have a successful team if you yourself are not doing all that you can to ensure their success.