Friday, July 8, 2011

What Is A Success Principle?

By Anthony Podosky

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In my research over the years, I have been interested enough to find out why some people do well at their chosen tasks and others not as well they would like. I have heard many versions of success. For many it is about spending more time with family, having more freedom to do as one chooses and having the lifestyle to match. It is really an individual's choice.

My definition of success is simple. It is to have many happy moments each day. I like that definition because it aligns with simply being present, which means paying full attention to what you choose to happen around you. If you don't like something that happens around you, simply choose to move away. Just delete it. Choose another thought, preferably one that you like.

So, a success principle is the name given to something that we all can physically do to help us be more successful, to help us achieve what we want.

Having gratitude or simply being grateful for the things in your life is a great success principle. It is the first success principle that I use now whenever I choose to do something new. Why? Simply because being grateful starts me attracting positive energy.

Energy plays an integral role in achieving something. Your thinking, the way that you speak about something and the way you do things attracts energy at all times.

Here are three tips to get started in using this success principle.

Tip 1: This sounds obvious but first "Choose to start". What can you be grateful for? At first, you may see little things to be grateful for, but there are many. Get a large piece of paper, the bigger the page the better. Get a pen and write three things at the top of the page that are important to you, and that you really are grateful for. It might simply be for having the ability to read, or run in the park.

What are you good at? Don't say nothing because everyone has the ability to communicate. The art of communicating well is a little forgotten in this busy world we now find ourselves.

Tip 2: Find a quiet place and take 15 minutes to quiet your mind. In this time, allow yourself the opportunity to let your mind wonder, stopping to jot down any thoughts that "pop into your mind" on what you are really grateful for.

Tip 3: Start where you stand. As you begin this process of listing all the things that you are grateful for, you will begin to have pleasant feelings. Positive opportunities will be seen more easily by you.

Bonus Tip From here, you can begin to learn more about energy and how it helps you become more clear about what you like. Just do the first thing that you can do right now. This is how you can start to create your step by step plan to engaging gratitude as part of your daily habits.

Asking questions is a great start to trigger the direction of your thoughts about being grateful because it is your thinking that will help create your vision. From here, your success will grow.