Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Methods To Help You Memorize Quickly

By Paul A. Rogers


Is your memory retention hugely weak and you're looking for methods to easily fix it? Numerous ways have been derived that you can utilize to fix your memory problems. Thus, this article is ideal for folks wishing to learn about how to memorize quickly.

Loci Method

The loci technique is known for its effectiveness which is a testament of its popularity as being on the list of well-known memory improvement tips. In accordance with the loci method, memory professionals teach people how to visualize locations within their minds which can in turn be used to memorize other details. The familiarity of a place is the key element in this particular method. Supposing you have to buy custard for dinner, just try to picture the custard and how it would look on your dinner table. Similarly, you can also attempt to picture large bowls of custard on your dinner table in order to recollect to purchase custard. It just takes you a little time to adjust to using the loci method but once you're up and running it really is very useful.

Making connections

Relating what you already know to what you just found is another practical as well as efficient way of improving one's memory. Sometimes the info that you're trying to memorize might be large and for that it is a first-class idea to break it down into little bits of data and then relate it with something that is already stored within your head. Most folks tend to forget names of the people that they've just met, using associations, you can just picture a celebrity with the same name as your new friend. Therefore, the same celebrity will always appear in your head when you meet him or her.


The utilization of mental images regarding ways on how to memorize quickly is one of the most popular techniques being used these days. The chief aspect to this approach is visualization of information. This is precisely why you need to use as many obvious details as you can. As an example, imagine a person having a head shaped like an apple, in order to remember it just visualize his or her having an apple for a head. Since it is helpful while studying, students are known for using it excessively. A graph or a chart is easy to retrieve and mental imaging lets you convert info into graphs. Diagrams are much easier to retrieve.

Write it down

One of the most effective techniques for memory improvement is writing things down simply because something scripted down is easier to retrieve. Consequently, numerous individuals employ flash cards. One of the easiest methods to recall a speech is to hold up a flash card with a particular part of the speech typed out on one side and clue or pointer on the other. The pointer on one side is a single word reminder of what is written on the other side. You should use intensely bright flash cards. The way to go about storing info through a flash card is to try to remember each one at a time. It should take you some time to completely store info of the first card into your head after which you should start with the rest.


Since it boosts your memory development, chanting out loud the data that you're trying to memorize is a popular technique. Using flash cards, try to memorize the contents of each by reading them out loud. This is definitely one of the quickest ways of memorizing data regardless of its size. You can even repeat the info out loud to other individuals. A proficient way to go about this is to have a conversation with someone.


Acronyms are used for storing list of items in your memory particularly when they are in a particular order. An acronym is fundamentally a word that is generated by using the first letter of each word on the list that you need to memorize. Individuals have been employing tricks like acronyms since a very long time. Here are some very common acronyms: NBA (National Basketball Associations) as well as SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). But acronyms aren't that impressive when it comes to understanding items. Comprehending something is very distinctive from trying to burn something in your memory; the most effective way of committing something to memory is to comprehend it.

Some acronyms are pretty hard to produce. On the other hand, acronyms have to practical or acceptable enough so as to be easy to remember. An acronym is of no use to anybody if you can't recollect what the words stand for.