Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14 Signs You're a Sales Zombie

14 Signs You're a Sales Zombie

Let's Do A Whole Body Smile!

Written by: JanTincher


Here is an technique that will help you feel better any time of the day. Get ready to relax and use your imagination.

Keep your back straight, but relaxed. Close your eyes and press your tongue against the top of your mouth gently. Put your hands together on your lap.

Now, remember a time that you felt caring or loving. Feel the love flow through your body as you relax. Draw the energy of love into the place between your eyes. Experience it as a limitless source of energy flowing to and through you, flooding your whole body. Experience it as a smile. Can you do that? Do you feel it? Great.

Feel the relaxation as the smiling energy flows across your face. Take the smile into your neck and throat. Smile into the thyroid gland. Smile down to the thymus gland in the upper central chest area. From there spread the smile back to the heart. Allow your heart to relax as you say "Ahhhh." Flow the smile out on each side to the lungs. "Ahhhh," fill them with beautiful healing light. On your right, flow the smile down through the liver. "Ahhhh," fill the liver with beautiful healing light. On the left, flow the smile through the pancreas. Then the spleen. Fill them with beautiful healing light. Flow the smile back up to waist level, flooding your kidneys with the beautiful light.

Finally, flow the smiling energy down through the urinary bladder, and through the male/female organs. Now, flow the smile to a place just below the navel and a couple centimeters in from the front. "Ahhhh."

Doesn't it feel like each organ is smiling back?

Now, take that smiling energy back between your eyes again. Now, let it flow down your nose and mouth into the digestive tract. Swallow and imagine the saliva you swallow is also full of the smiling energy.

Smile through the stomach, just below the ribs, and through the intestines. Now, down through the whole digestive system, then draw the energy back to the center below the navel. "Ahhhh."

Now, back up to the middle of your eyes again. Let the smile circle your eyes nine times clockwise and nine time counterclockwise. Draw it back through the brain itself, smiling deep into the brain tissue. Now, down through the spinal column and through the neurons out to every part of the body. Imagine your smile surrounding you, and flowing out into the room, even as it stays around you.

Is there any tension left in your body? Draw the smile to that area if there is. See how that works? Don't you just feel invigorated?