Monday, June 6, 2011

Develop Your Personal Brand

by Dayo Olomu


How can we stand out from among our competitors, focus on our personal abilities and positively influence our targets? The answer lies in the concept of Personal Branding, a professional and effective way to present ourselves to others, which is another key success factor.

In these highly competitive times, people are constantly upgrading and updating their training in every field. Therefore, you need to market yourself properly to obtain a new contract, or the job or promotion you are looking for. Your personal knowledge, experience and abilities are essential, but you also need to present them as effectively as possible. You can do it by developing your personal brand, a mark that distinguishes you from all other people.

Dare to Be You

A personal brand is nothing more than the public projection of your personality and skills. For you to develop a successful personal brand, you need to dare to design it based on the way you want to be seen by the world rather than on what you believe others may think of you.

You have the power to influence people to see you exactly the way you wish to be perceived simply by defining who you are � your strengths, values, goals and personality � and presenting these points in a compelling, persuasive manner.

Dare to express yourself according to your own values, strengths and unique traits. Create a magnificent concept of who you are and present it to the circle of people and organizations with which you interact.

A Good Image is not Enough

Personal branding is not only having a good image. It's successfully showing how you can contribute as a member of a team. Whether it�s at work or anywhere else, it requires investing time and talent in designing a proposal of what you offer, along with the ability to deliver it.

Once you have decided what you have to offer � your experience, abilities, and strong points � you must establish and define your goals as clearly as possible, as well as the strategies you will implement to make yourself known.

If you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your professional life, designing your personal brand will give you the impetus you need to attain success. But you must also deliver what you promise.

The Eight Laws of Personal Branding:

To be able to excel in any market, Peter Montoya, author of The Brand Called You, recommends applying the following ideas, called the Eight Laws of Personal Branding.

1. Specialization: Develop a personal brand that is precise and focused on a single core strength. Draft a plan to develop your abilities, attitudes and skills while concentrating on a unique service or product you can offer.

2. Leadership: Make sure your personal brand has authority and credibility. Both are necessary to achieve excellence and a recognized position on the market.

3. Personality: Build your personal brand upon your true personal characteristics. Aim at being your best, not perfect.

4. Distinctiveness: Express your personal brand so that it is different from the competition. Make your message so distinct that it will be noticed and remembered.

5. Visibility: Make your personal brand as visible as possible. Customers and clients choose products and services that are known to them because they have seen them or heard about them.

6. Consistency: Your private conduct must be consistent with your personal brand.

7. Persistence: Building your personal brand may take time, so be patient and take actions to develop it.

8. Good Will: Set collective and mutual benefits as the main values underlying the actions related to your personal brand. You will achieve better results for yourself and for the people around you.

Building your personal brand is a challenge, but it is possible and necessary. It is important to be creative and proactive and to know how to distinguish between your personal image and your personal brand. Remember that your personal brand goes beyond superficial matters. It's an excellent opportunity to increase your potential and the recognition you receive in your community and your world.