Thursday, May 26, 2011

Positive Thinking Subconscious Attitudes


We have all no doubt some time throughout our lives heard of the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking is an idea that has been taught in all major religions, and even realized as greatly important by non religious individuals.

The truth is that positive thinking can completely transform your life, as opposed to negative thinking which can be quite destructive.

Positive thinking can create a beautiful life for you, and negative thinking can create a miserable one.

So just what is positive thinking?

Well positive thinking is thinking about the things that you enjoy, that you want, and that bring you happiness and pleasure.

Negative thinking is just the opposite.

It is thinking about things that you do not want, the things that you fear, and things that you are afraid will happen.

We have a greater power that cannot be seen and it resides in our subconscious minds.

This is the same creative force and intelligence that keeps our bodies living without our conscious control.

The same creative force that builds our bodies and keeps our heart beating is the same creative force that keeps the planets and entire universe in order.

This creative power is an actual part of us and it creates our life based on our dominate thoughts.

Thoughts that are thought repeatedly in our conscious minds, the mind that we use to think, imagine, and make decisions, sinks down and are soaked up by the subconscious mind.

Once they are soaked up by the subconscious mind they call forth all the creative power of the universe and in their due time they become your reality.

From this simple truth we can see why the positive thinking is so important.

If you give thought to the things that you want you will actually be attracting them into your life.

But just the same, giving thought to things that you do not want, which most people do when they are in a state of stress or worry, will bring about the things that are feared.

We have complete control of our lives and our futures.

We can continually look at the reality of things and keep creating more of the same, even if it is not pleasing to us.

Yet if we can see ourselves perfect in every way and hold that vision firmly in our mind, our lives will transform into a thing of beauty.

A positive thinking subconscious attitude is more powerful that anything else we will ever posses.