Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you... Pain

It takes but a decision to change what you are, where you are, how you are. Circumstances test us, they try our patience, time pushes us against the wall, wanting us to give up to the mercy of pain and sorrow.

It is but the resilience of a broken heart that can tear with its blunt, bruised edges the envelope of trials and come out as a repaired and resurrected winner.

Yes, the path to bliss is not easy, it never was & never will be... What is sure is the fact that one who wills to swim against the tide to reach to the other shore no matter what, will reach there, inspite of the many storms one has to fight against. It is this fighting spirit, this never say die attitude that is rewarded with what one desires for.

With the no pain, there wont be any struggle, with no struggle there wont be a resolve. This resolve further fires up the will to fight and the one who fights without giving up will turn out victorious holding the most desired and precious of goals... laughing at the misery of pain, for it is this pain & dire circumstances that make you strong enough to win...

So thank you pain... for you strengthen my resolve, taking me closer to my desires...

Mohnish Nair