Monday, May 16, 2011

7 Steps to building a successful marketing process for your organization.

7 Steps to building a successful marketing process for your organization. By Mohnish Nair

1. Decide to be seen & heard.

Your business will grow when you decide to grow. First, decide that you have something special to offer. Understand that you will grow only if you have something different to offer. It could be your product or service or price or the location or the package. There definitely must be something in your business that sets you different from others. Decide to make people aware of it. If you feel there isn’t anything special, create a reason that will differentiate you. Hire a Brand consultant if need be to design your specialty. Finally, decide to promote yourself.

2. Hire a help to handle on your behalf.

Remember that you need not know the intricacies of marketing nor do you have to indulge your precious time in the activities that require execution. You can always hire a Business coach, a brand consultant who can do it for you. You may even hire a trained employee who can execute the activities on your behalf. Remember, the activity is important not who does it.

3. Start with a brand identity.

Start by designing your unique specialty, your USP. Define what you want your customers to know about you. What are you good at? What is it that you can offer that others compromise or neglect? What service or product feature do you excel in? Design your company name, product name / Brand name around it. To enhance its easy recognition in customers mind, design a unique logo & punch line that conveys your area of expertise. Define your brand color, your logo, and your tagline that will help you grab the customer’s attention immediately.

4. Decide the target market.

Every product or service must cater to a specific audience. You shouldn’t sell to everybody. The more focused your target group, the easier it gets to target your marketing message to them. Segment your customer base. Divide your customer base into categories and then talk about your brand with customized messages to that specific target group.

5. Start with Social media.

NO!! MARKETING NEED NOT BE EXPENSIVE! You can start by sending simple sms’s, Everyday you can send emails & sms’s. You can start by putting your brand on social networking websites like facebook, orkut, twitter, Linkedin etc. Here you will find people who can be easily segmented for your marketing efforts. You must also write a blog where you can put your ads, videos, messages, articles that enhance the conviction in your brand. You must also have a website that represents your company in the World Wide Web. It is like your online store. The key to success in social media marketing is to be creative, regular and consistent.

6. Continuously build a community.

Your focus should be to build your target audience into a group of loyal, regular visitors to your sites. Keep them enthused by regularly announcing free seminars, free articles, free videos, and free product samples. Contests & discounts are a great way to keep them coming for more. Make the campaign responsive & interactive.

7. Continuously Innovate.

You must make sure that you create reasons for people to talk about you. Consistently innovate messages, product offerings, value additions, offers & discounts so that you become an irresistible topic of discussion. Keep talking about your brand & then you will see the world talking about it.

Above all – Don’t Over promise! But deliver beyond expectations!!