Monday, April 4, 2011

We are the Champions!!

Congratulations Team India for winning the ICC world cup 2011..

A dream fulfilled after 28 years of untiring wait...

Collective effort always leads to victory!!
Positive thinking, discipline, superior skill, apt application of strategy, selfless attitude, focussed leadership, Exuberance unlimited & a never say die attitude can move mountains!

Winning is not luck by chance. It is all about preparation.
Leadership deifnes the team!
MSD - A true hero!

"Ever since i was a child, i wanted to hold this cup in my hand, while attempting to get it, i am happy with the many achievements that came my way. But this is what i played for." - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - A Big goal pursued relentlessly leads to many small achievements (God/SRT's Mantra)

Selflessness though ridiculed in today’s times, has proven to be the main source of any victory.

Dreams do come true... Simply hang on to them no matter what!!...
Thank you team India!!!!! A new India strides forward from here