Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

5th Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

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Your goals are the bridges that connect your present to your future. They take you from where you are to where you want to be. But don’t forget to walk the bridge to get to the other side. YOU MUST IMPLEMENT!

Here are some methods to implement and take actions to achieve the goals.

4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

Step 1 : Decide :

Decide what you would like to achieve. The immense desire to have something at any cost is most important in the process of achieving the goal. You must be mad, passionate, and persistent about the goal. Then decide by when you would like to achieve it. Put a deadline to your goal.

Step 2 : Visualize :

Make a visual presentation of your goal with the deadline on your computer screen, your mobile screen, near your bed, on your office desk, in your car. So that every moment of the day you are reminded of what you desire the most. This way your mind structures your body to take only those actions that are in alignment with your goals.

Step 3 : Record :

Make a checklist of all the actions you need to take on a daily basis to achieve a particular goal.

For eg : if I have to sell 2 Coaching Programs of mine everyday. I have to first gather at least 10 prospective buyer names daily to call, that’s action 1 in my checklist. 2nd action, I must call them and make a pitch for an appointment, 3rd I must meet at least 5 clients daily face to face, 4th I must close at least 2 deals everyday….

Now the above is a simple example of how my checklist could look like. I can then write against this checklist my performance for the day, which means if I call up only 5 clients instead of 10, then that process of recording my action would indicate and remind me that I am running slow. This way I can make corrections for the next day. This is an effective & simple mechanism to make sure I stay on track on a daily basis.

Step 4 : Do more :

The most important step is to make sure you achieve more than what you have set out to so that you can then cover up for days where you have been slow.

Following the above methodology can help you achieve anything. Be it your dream income, body, car, job, business, relationship …just anything


Mohnish Nair
Business Coach