Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What stops you from doing?

2nd Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – What stops you from doing?

What stops you from doing?

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Being an entrepreneur myself I have had times in my life when I do things that I shouldn’t be doing. Things I know are detrimental to my business & personal well being but yet I do it. Like I know I shouldn’t be binging on my favorite Jalebi after dinner but I do it. I know I need to call new prospects for business but many a time I spend my sales time in doing non revenue generating activities.

And there have been times I don’t do things that I should be doing, like calling back my old clients just for courtesy sake or working out at least thrice a week.

So what makes us do such self defeating activities? Having read many theories on the same, I came across a concept called as Akrasia. Akrasia, they say is a state of mind or to define it more appropriately, it is a disease where we do things even after being aware of their negative impact on our life. Many greats have fallen prey to this disease and have been unsuccessful in bringing their most powerful potentials at play.

I can think of the following to fight this disease.

1. Remind yourself daily :
Be clear about what you want to achieve and then religiously remind yourself of those desired outcomes on a daily basis so that you don’t fail to work on them everyday.

2. Conscious actions :
Be very conscious of what you are doing every single second of the day & don’t get drifted by the routine calling. Cross check with your goals to be clear if what you are doing is in sync with your goals.

3. Punish & reward:
Keep a punishment & reward system for your goals. Everyday when you have stuck to doing things in favor of your goals, gift yourself something you desire & every time you don’t, punish yourself by doing what you dislike, Like whenever I feel I have drifted away, I end the day by working on my abs even though I am dead enough to even move by the end of the day.

Do this on a daily basis & I am sure you will achieve more than you would normally do.

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Mohnish Nair

Business Coach.