Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 5 Steps to Start a Great Day

5th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 5 Steps to Start a Great Day

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Hello Everyone…

I am back!! Yes I did mention I will be offline for a few days, but I just couldn’t resist myself. I had to write down my feelings for the day.

I guess when you really enjoy doing something, you somehow manage to squeeze it in, no matter how packed the schedule. I had a very interesting day today, traveling 3 hours to the location, getting into an activity that was very reminiscent of my college days and then back to office, traveling again for 3 hours. But let me tell you, I am not tired at all.. The activity was so youthful & full of fun.. I will let the cat out of the bag some day but not today dear ones..

Well what do I have in store for you today.. to be honest not much, however I would like to share the following with all of you. Do ponder over it and do share your thought processes with me…

5 Steps to start a great day!! Everyday!

1. Wake up before the Sun does… And stare into it with pride as it lazily rises after you have done. I derive immense confidence about the day whenever I do this. I feel I am in control of my day whenever I have done this.. try it and let me know how it feels.

2. Breathe deep and as you inhale the fresh morning air, do think about all that you wish to achieve today!! A mental checklist always helps the mind stay focused through the day!

3. Spot jog for 5 Mins - I am back to a focused action plan to lose weight & I have realized even a 5 min spot jog helps in getting the blood flow through your body packing in energy & power in every nook & corner of your anatomy. A powerful body ready to take on the day is very essential, especially for people living in a mad city like Mumbai!

4. Have a fresh & natural breakfast.. It truly helps in starting the day filled with the vital nutrients.

5. Read the headlines, a motivational thought for the day & a joke & only then leave your home. Headlines to stay abreast of events, thought for the day to face the boss, colleagues & clients & the joke because.. well.. life shouldn’t be taken that seriously.. a good sense of humor always helps in saving the most traumatic of days. Pray to the lord to bless you with all the achievements you could gather in a day. To show you the right path & lead you to doing the right things all the time.

So all the best dearies…

& I pray you start your day tomorrow with the excitement of a child & the enthusiasm of a butterfly..

See you!

Mohnish Nair