Saturday, January 22, 2011

22nd Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai

Weekend Blast:

It’s that time of the week again when the adrenaline rushes to freak-out heights, when the mind wants to wander pointlessly & the body seeks escape to solitude & sleepy gaze into nothing.

Most of us living today in urbania live for this moment & wait through the week to simply lay off guard and enjoy the clock tick with lazy pace. I have observed many of my friends make weekend plans to gulp down litres of intoxicating liquids and run away to natural enchantments.

I have a few suggestions too, that can help you spend this weekend with fun & masti of a different kind.. here it is my dear ones..

1. Wake up early for a change & watch the sun rise.

2. Go to a nearby park or open space, carry a flask full of filter coffee & enjoy sipping the caffeine delight watching the sun rays dance on the green grass… Hope you find green grass in your neighborhood.. fingers crossed.

3. Guys can cook up lunch for a change & gals can watch the latest action flicks on DVD to understand masculine leisure habits.

4. Visit your neighbor over the evening tea or if you dislike the idea, you can spend the evening breeze singing Manna de & Kishore kumar songs loudly and display your untrained vocal chords..

5. Lastly.. why not spend the weekend night playing a game of Monopoly, carrom, chess or even scrabble with your family over a pizza?

I wish all of you a happy weekend!


Mohnish Nair