Friday, January 21, 2011

21st Jan 2011

21st Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai

I have decided to keep my promises… or at least let’s hope I do... Optimism never hurts, right?.. A few days back I had promised to write down original articles on my blog…I decided upon this very presumptuous act knowing very well that I lack the articulate skill, the grammatical prowess or the intelligence to write anything meaningful or close to making sense… However, I dare today to tread a path I dread the most.

It took me a while to gather what I desire to write. I just couldn’t make up my mind. It’s all blank as I venture out to write this post, however, I know the mind will support & pass me those chits so that I could write something down. OH!! Brings back old school memories.. the chit part I mean. Forget it …

The mind has its own mind. As weird as it may sound I have observed from my own personal everyday experiences that the mind is the most elusive, most crafty & the most powerful device ever to entice man. I say this because, had it not for the “presence of mind”, pun intended, we wouldn’t have been what we are now as a race, would we? What distinguishes us humans from the rest of the Almighty’s creation is that piece or may be vapor or may be liquid somewhere in the body called as mind.

But let me ask this first, where is the mind??? Is it a body part, a vein, a muscle, where is it located in our anatomy? One obviously through reference has believed the mind is up there in the brain. So is the brain a container of the mind? Is the brain made up of this matter called as mind? Is the mind a container of the brain?


Too many questions & too many answers run through my mind as I pen down these questions?

Let me start from scratch. So lets suppose the mind is not a body part or it does not exist in physical form, but there is something that controls us, it has the power to reciprocate to our feelings, it is i believe, the creator of feelings, thoughts, ideas, it also validates what we are feeling, thinking, doing. We tend to many a time search for answers in our mind & there have also been occasions where we disagree with our mind. I personally have had a strange relationship with my mind. My mother always called me a Double Minded person. That may be taken by many as a demeaning description of my character. But yes, I mostly have dual opinions on a single query, choice or decision. I have this strange ability to see from the opposite persons point of view with empathy even when it is against my well being. I have two minds, I guess, now that is scarier!!!

Whatever may it be, the mind is a powerful source of inspiration, and it has helped many to overcome their obstacles. It works as a shield against problems, difficulties & dire circumstances. It has the power to motivate you to achieve the unthinkable & it provides you with ideas, strength, courage, wisdom to fight the extremities with vigor and valiance.

The mind can be a deterrent too for if it decides to act funny; you may be left alone to battle unsavory circumstances with god forbid, to add to the plight, a mind that is not only unsupportive but also unfriendly. What if the mind decides to go against your plans? What if it decides to not work in your favor?? I guess this is a situation nobody would like to imagine being in. A mind that is working against you is the last thing you want to have, knowing the enormous powers and abilities it holds in itself.

I would like to believe that the mind is a friend.. a soundboard.. a coach.. that has been blessed upon us by nature to help us move towards a rational & righteous destination, whatever & wherever that happens to be…

The mind is an excellent source of help if tamed & equally a horrific foe if left uncontrolled. It can help us create the blissful life we all like to pursue or can spell doom that many amongst us fail to see coming.

The mind can be tamed only if one knows for sure what one is most desirous of & then using the craving of that enigmatic desire to train the mind and seek support & favorable ideas, thoughts, feelings, actions & corrections. The mind is a wonderful indicator of our conscience & our consciousness but it also has the power to alter our subconscious… so let’s pray and tame the mind with meditative practices & righteous actions, so that it favors all that is right & progressive…. I pray to god to give me, my loved ones & my readers the wisdom to befriend the mind and sail through this fantastic gift called life with joy & fulfillment.

My deepest love to all

Mohnish Nair