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Finding Your Purpose Through Inspiring Sports Motivations Part 1 - Definition of Purpose

By Jimmy Tong

When we look at true inspirational people like Lance Armstrong, Jim Abbot, Team Hoyt, etc, one cannot help wondering where they find passion and energy to do what they are doing. Despite their severe handicap, they still participated in the toughest sports and end up inspiring everyone who had come to know their stories. You might also wonder if their purpose is to play sports as handicap person and so go on to be inspiration to others. But that is not entirely accurate. One thing is certain, these individuals have found their purpose in life, and it is certainly a much higher calling than participating in sports. Sports is just a vehicle for them to fulfill their purpose in life. What than is a purpose in one's life?

When you have found something that you think is your purpose, doing it will elicit the following six forms of experiences:

1. It Feels Good.

When you are doing something that you know is your true purpose in life, it feels good doing it. After his Major League career, Jim Abbott started a career as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He went from state to state delivering speeches and seminars. To him it was something that feels right and good. His purpose of motivating others using his past handicap life's example is an inspiration to all who had attended his sessions.

2. You Can Do It For Free.

If you believe something strong enough to be right, offering it for free or at substantially lower cost is no issue at all. At the end of the day, inspirational people who are purpose driven know that what they are doing is helping others. That sense of charity makes any pay more than worthwhile. Mother Theresa was a perfect example here. Her life in Calcutta serving the poor and destitute was for no money.

3. You Can Do It "All Night Long".

When something make you feel good doing it, it is not surprising that purpose driven inspirational people can spend a lot of their time doing it. Who wouldn't! One of the inert cravings of human beings is to feel good and happy. If doing something makes you happy, by all means please continue.

4. You Are Constantly Looking To Do It Better.

Once you start feeling the sense of fulfillment doing your purpose, it is a natural progression to want to do things better or to stretch themselves even more. Team Hoyt started running 5 mile runs. Soon they did a 10 miler. Before you know it, they have completed a marathon, until the ultimate endurance test, the Iron Man, was completed. If you call Rick and Dick Hoyt up now, don't be surprise that these inspirational people are planning their next big thing to have more impact on the lives of others.

5. It Improves Lives.

The greatest intrinsic motivation of following your purpose is that it improves lives and humanity. By setting the Live Strong Foundation, Lance Armstrong is using his experience and reputation to further mankind's fight against cancer bringing hope and strength to those who are afflicted by cancer. Similarly, Terry Fox attempted his Marathon of Hope to help people who have his similar experiences. Nothing brings fulfillment to inspirational people more than knowing that what they are doing improves or saves lives.

6. It Can Go On Forever Doing It.

A divine purpose once discovered has no end. How can helping others end? When you have fulfilled your purpose in life, somebody whom you have inspired will continue your legacy and bring humanity to a higher plane.

Now that you know what a purpose look and feel like, maybe it is time to ask yourself whether what you are currently doing is a divine purpose for your life. For most people, the answer would be no. If that is the case, knowing how to find your purpose in life is the next important step to becoming your very own inspirational person.