Friday, January 14, 2011

3 Ways To Make Sure You Are Happy, Stress Free and Manage Stress Better

By Benjamin Barnes

With the world plunging in high and lows thanks to a recessional economy, increasing workloads, rapidly depleting supply of jobs, non-existent and meaningless relationships (in some cases), we have never been this stressed, ever. Too many people - knowingly or unknowingly - fall victims to disastrous levels of stress. Obviously then, you can bet that there are plenty of folks out there looking to lead a happy stress free life and that explains the countless number of coaching programs, stress management therapies, stress relief programs being promoted all over the world. If you have been looking to de-stress and claim your life back, here are some tried-and-tested ways to do that:

Hit the gym, exercise, and pump it all out: One of the best ways to de-stress yourself is to hit the nearest gym. No it's just not about the health benefits and the miraculous transformation that's possible just by making the decision to go to the gym (although the results you can transform your life for the better part). It's just that it's possible to forget about your troubles for a while since you have no way to be stressed when you are walking/jogging at 80% of your heart rate in the quest to burn fat or when you need a firm mind-body connect along with plenty of will power to pump iron. Try it and you will feel the difference. Your sweat is testimony to a happy, healthy, stress free life you award yourself.

Do what you like and love what you do: Too many people end up in the wrong jobs, dead-end relationships and also end up doing things others expect them to do most of the time leading to the all too common unhappy and meaningless lives. If you wanted to be happy, you should be doing what you like and not what others expect you to do. It's harsh, but it's the plain truth. Stress management isn't science (to an extent, it is); it's more about the choices you make. Take your time for everything. Pursue happy relationships, work on jobs you love to remain stress free and you wouldn't need therapies and programs to keep yourself sane.

Simmer down your expectations and aim for less: Contrary to what high achievers think, having too many expectations and being dead beat about outcomes can only lead to more stress in your life. You can never have a happy life if you are not content. Stress management is popular only because you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone looking to aim for the skies. Simmer down those expectation levels and a stress free life is an automatic reward.