Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve Mood in 30 Seconds

By Dian Aristian


Did you ever feel so busy and chased time so as not had time to just breathe, think, and take care of yourself? If these cycles happen every day, stress was no doubt immediately came over.

Before the thought was too dizzy and worsened mood, improve your mood instantly by the following steps:

About 70 percent of waste in the body cleared through the lungs. Try to keep hands on the belly and feel the movement of rising and falling with each breath you pulled. Thirty seconds to breathe can provide a miracle that never imagine before.

Say one positive affirmation over and over again for 30 seconds. For example, a brief affirmation such as:''I feel complete and confidence.''You will be surprised to find how many times you can repeat it and plant them to you in 30 seconds. Positive affirmation will give you peace of mind and improve your mood.

Stand for a moment and stretch the body to relax the stiff muscles. This will make you feeling better.

Smiling makes the muscles relax and release hundreds of bags of stress and tension that caught in the face. In addition, the smile is also contagious. Because smile can give you more power. Smile, then the whole world will smile with you.