Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Use Subconscious Awareness in the Creative Process

By Valerie Olmsted

The subconscious mind is considered to be the bottom part of the iceberg of our mind; a dark and mysterious repository of all of our darkest feelings and deepest desires. This often feared and misaligned portion of our awareness can be fractured by trauma; split into countless separate personalities (as utilized by the CIA, the Nazi's, and all other entities seeking to control and manipulate others). It can be healed by love and conscious awareness, as used by shamans in the Soul Retrieval ritual. This part of the human is also where creation springs forth, through the birth canal of our dreams and thought processes.

To use the subconscious mind in the creative process is easy and brings delightful results. For those who meditate or are involved in creative projects it seems as natural as breathing. For those who spend the majority of their time stuck in the left brain, accessing the creative process might seem like an impossible task-which it is, for the left brain. The road to manifesting a thought from the depths of our interior selves is reached through the right brain and involves intuition. It also involves the conscious plucking of the idea from a random thought-stream. The thought is then examined from several angles, in a 'what if...' sort of manner.

As one who has used this method many times, in some very strange situations, I can tell you that the intuition is critical to success. For instance: when faced with some mechanical problem that is beyond my limited experience, the best thing to do is to sit down, stare at the problematic equipment, and ask "What do I need to do to get this working again?" The mind then needs to be stilled and relaxed, in a sort of standby mode. Suddenly a thought will come floating in; an image of an action, a spoken suggestion, or a feeling, hits the conscious awareness. Acting upon that suggestion usually results in success.

For those who are accustomed to acting on these suggestions, the results are expected to be good. Indeed, we tend to laugh delightedly when such things occur, as if we have just performed a new magic trick. Creating something new and useful is what humans are all about. Life is our playground, meant to both amuse and teach. As we learn how to bring things into material manifestation, we automatically open more of that connection between right and left brain, between subconscious and conscious awareness.

To become more creative, start with meditation; something like the Silva Mind Control program, which teaches visualization techniques. Practice controlling your own mind frequently; like anything else, success improves with repetition. Prayer also helps, if done in the correct manner-not 'lips service'. A real prayer contains the greeting to the Creator, gratitude for what is already being experienced in life, a statement of desire or request for help, and the closing greeting. Following that prayer with Afformations (check out Dr. Noah St.John for that) packs a powerful one-two punch that hastens the appearance of the desired result.

The next step involves following one's intuitional flashes. If the thought of bringing something along shoots through the brain then bring the item along. It might make no sense at the time but will usually be necessary at some point in the journey. Sometimes bringing that book that has been read a thousand times is due to a chance meeting of someone who needs exactly that book...and is so thankful that the ensuing conversation reveals something the giver needs to know. Voila! Two people are helped by one seemingly random flash of thought.

It makes sense, from a quantum entanglement point of view. Thought is instantaneous and has no limits; the moment it occurs, everyone connected to that thought is notified appropriately.