Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Conquer the Difficult Challenges in Your Life

By Susan Kersley


What can you do to overcome the difficult challenges in your life? You may have decide that something is too difficult for you and let go of the idea of overcoming that particular challenge. But the same challenge may come to you again. Do you want to give up on it again or know about some ways to face up to it and succeed?

Discover what the challenge is about.

Why does it challenge you? It could be fear of failure for instance. But if you don't even try then for sure you have already failed. You might succeed. Say some positive affirmations to yourself such 'I am calm' I am succeeding' and face up to the challenge as if you would definitely succeed.

Be assertive

Don't be nervous about asking for what you want form others. Adopt a confident posture and state clearly what you want done. Don't get involved in arguments about why something can't happen just adopt the 'stuck record technique' and keep on repeating your request.

Develop your skills

If the particular challenge of doing what you want to do is that you don't feel very confident about some of the skills you need to have then get some training so you become able to do procedures efficiently and correctly. On the other hand you could instead ask someone else to do those parts of the task that you feel uncertain about.

Recognise and get rid of any obstacles standing in your way

Define exactly what's stopping you beyond your personal apprehension and fear. Maybe there is a particular person blocking you. So communicate with him or her using your best effort to understand their point of view about what you are proposing to do. If you show you understand where they are coming from then you will be able to better explain your reasons for wanting to make changes and then go into detail of how you will be doing this and if it will affect the other person. Try your hardest to deal with any objections from them by making it all into a win-win situation. This means that not only will you make the change you want and meet the challenges presented to you but you will also enable some positive things to happen for others too.