Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

5th Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

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Your goals are the bridges that connect your present to your future. They take you from where you are to where you want to be. But don’t forget to walk the bridge to get to the other side. YOU MUST IMPLEMENT!

Here are some methods to implement and take actions to achieve the goals.

4 Ways to make Fast & Far-reaching Achievements!

Step 1 : Decide :

Decide what you would like to achieve. The immense desire to have something at any cost is most important in the process of achieving the goal. You must be mad, passionate, and persistent about the goal. Then decide by when you would like to achieve it. Put a deadline to your goal.

Step 2 : Visualize :

Make a visual presentation of your goal with the deadline on your computer screen, your mobile screen, near your bed, on your office desk, in your car. So that every moment of the day you are reminded of what you desire the most. This way your mind structures your body to take only those actions that are in alignment with your goals.

Step 3 : Record :

Make a checklist of all the actions you need to take on a daily basis to achieve a particular goal.

For eg : if I have to sell 2 Coaching Programs of mine everyday. I have to first gather at least 10 prospective buyer names daily to call, that’s action 1 in my checklist. 2nd action, I must call them and make a pitch for an appointment, 3rd I must meet at least 5 clients daily face to face, 4th I must close at least 2 deals everyday….

Now the above is a simple example of how my checklist could look like. I can then write against this checklist my performance for the day, which means if I call up only 5 clients instead of 10, then that process of recording my action would indicate and remind me that I am running slow. This way I can make corrections for the next day. This is an effective & simple mechanism to make sure I stay on track on a daily basis.

Step 4 : Do more :

The most important step is to make sure you achieve more than what you have set out to so that you can then cover up for days where you have been slow.

Following the above methodology can help you achieve anything. Be it your dream income, body, car, job, business, relationship …just anything


Mohnish Nair
Business Coach

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You are limitless!

3rd Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – You are limitless!

You are limitless!

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You can be all that you imagine.
Your reality is as true as your convictions.
You are as successful as you want to be.
You are as positive as you think you are.
You can achieve all that you desire.
You have the capability to conquer the impossible.
You are as strong as you want to be.
You can command anything into your life.
You can overcome any hurdle.
You can learn anything.
You can unlearn anything.
You have the power to create.
You have the supremacy to rule.
You cannot be held back.
You cannot be defeated.
You cannot lose.
Your desires are your destiny.
You can heal.
You can impact.
You can make a difference.
You can be anything you dream to be.
You are the ultimate truth.
You are limitless!


Mohnish Nair
Business Coach

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What stops you from doing?

2nd Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – What stops you from doing?

What stops you from doing?

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Being an entrepreneur myself I have had times in my life when I do things that I shouldn’t be doing. Things I know are detrimental to my business & personal well being but yet I do it. Like I know I shouldn’t be binging on my favorite Jalebi after dinner but I do it. I know I need to call new prospects for business but many a time I spend my sales time in doing non revenue generating activities.

And there have been times I don’t do things that I should be doing, like calling back my old clients just for courtesy sake or working out at least thrice a week.

So what makes us do such self defeating activities? Having read many theories on the same, I came across a concept called as Akrasia. Akrasia, they say is a state of mind or to define it more appropriately, it is a disease where we do things even after being aware of their negative impact on our life. Many greats have fallen prey to this disease and have been unsuccessful in bringing their most powerful potentials at play.

I can think of the following to fight this disease.

1. Remind yourself daily :
Be clear about what you want to achieve and then religiously remind yourself of those desired outcomes on a daily basis so that you don’t fail to work on them everyday.

2. Conscious actions :
Be very conscious of what you are doing every single second of the day & don’t get drifted by the routine calling. Cross check with your goals to be clear if what you are doing is in sync with your goals.

3. Punish & reward:
Keep a punishment & reward system for your goals. Everyday when you have stuck to doing things in favor of your goals, gift yourself something you desire & every time you don’t, punish yourself by doing what you dislike, Like whenever I feel I have drifted away, I end the day by working on my abs even though I am dead enough to even move by the end of the day.

Do this on a daily basis & I am sure you will achieve more than you would normally do.

All the best


Mohnish Nair

Business Coach.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plan your month

1st Feb 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – Plan your month

Plan your month!

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• Its been a while since I attempted putting my thoughts on to this white screen, this medium of communication, my somewhat personal journal that helps me introspect and question what I do, why I do, how I do, whatever is it that I do.

• I am back to work after a really long break. Break from work yes, but it wasn’t a break to seek leisure but to do something that I had always wanted to for the last 7 years and finally I got started working on one of my biggest dreams. But more about it later. Yes, it was intense, physically challenging & mentally draining. The activity of learning something new isn’t easy at all; the process tests your skills, your grasping power. Most of your faculties are put to test, however, how you put what you have learnt into practice is by far the most important & the most crucial part of the learning process. For I believe, if you haven’t done enough, you haven’t learnt enough and vice versa.

• It’s also the first day of the month today, time for some sweets I guess…(going by the dairy milk ad)

• It’s that time of the month when I am most pensive & at the same time most excited. It’s about planning the month, goals to accomplish, commitments to fulfill, finding newer projects, handling & serving old clients. Bills, Bills & more bills… on the other hand… Revenues, Revenues & more Revenues…Now that part excites me the most.

• The first of any month is the best day in my life. It is the day when I evaluate my last month’s performance, I plan the projects I want to initiate, the benchmarks I want to surpass & a whole lot of activity relating to putting deadlines to wishes happens on this day.. I charge myself up for the professional commitment to perform and also the courage to face, accept & manage the peripherals that accompany it.

• As a business coach, my only aim at any given time of the day is to make sure I continuously increase my knowledge bank & my skill sets so that I am fully equipped & armored to face any challenge that my clients would want me to help them solve. Hence, there is always this apprehension of not being completely equipped with the latest tools & methods. The fear of being outdated always scares me to go find the next technique in business management that would help me provide the most prudent solutions to my clients. I guess, this activity of being useful to someone keeps me ticking, this is what gives me the kick & I am so happy to be doing what I love the most.

• Now coming back to the first day of the month… This is the day I plan all that I need to update myself with & what new knowledge I need to acquire in context to my professional demands during the month.

My process of planning my business for the month is as follows.

1. I tally my monthly goal sheet for the last month with the achievements I made. I carry forward the goals that are pending from the last month onto the current month, in addition to the goals I need to achieve for this month.

2. I write down my monthly goals under various heads like income, saving, knowledge acquired, marketing, customer service & personal achievements.

3. Further, I break down each goal under each head into weekly goals. This helps keep track of what I want to achieve on a continuous basis through the month.

4. Finally I tally my goal chart with my achievements every weekend & make course corrections along the way.

5. This month onwards I am going to add one more goal category and that is physical goal. My focus starting this month would be to lose all that extra flab I have been burdening my poor body with. This is one area which requires immediate attention & hence it becomes my goal category.

• Any area that you wish to achieve or correct personally or professionally can become your goal category & you can set benchmarks for yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly & even daily basis & make sure you make progress step by step.

• Yes there will be times when you will be way behind schedule or off the mark from your goals but this process of self correction will help you get back to action in no time.

• So I hope you too will start the month with your own goal chart, paste it in your home, office desk or on your computer & make sure you follow it on a daily basis. I assure you, you will be proud of yourself once you make it a habit.

So get going & make this month the most memorable & successful month you have ever had in your life!!!

All the best

Mohnish Nair
Business Coach