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25th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 5 Steps to Start a Great Day

5th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai – 5 Steps to Start a Great Day

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Hello Everyone…

I am back!! Yes I did mention I will be offline for a few days, but I just couldn’t resist myself. I had to write down my feelings for the day.

I guess when you really enjoy doing something, you somehow manage to squeeze it in, no matter how packed the schedule. I had a very interesting day today, traveling 3 hours to the location, getting into an activity that was very reminiscent of my college days and then back to office, traveling again for 3 hours. But let me tell you, I am not tired at all.. The activity was so youthful & full of fun.. I will let the cat out of the bag some day but not today dear ones..

Well what do I have in store for you today.. to be honest not much, however I would like to share the following with all of you. Do ponder over it and do share your thought processes with me…

5 Steps to start a great day!! Everyday!

1. Wake up before the Sun does… And stare into it with pride as it lazily rises after you have done. I derive immense confidence about the day whenever I do this. I feel I am in control of my day whenever I have done this.. try it and let me know how it feels.

2. Breathe deep and as you inhale the fresh morning air, do think about all that you wish to achieve today!! A mental checklist always helps the mind stay focused through the day!

3. Spot jog for 5 Mins - I am back to a focused action plan to lose weight & I have realized even a 5 min spot jog helps in getting the blood flow through your body packing in energy & power in every nook & corner of your anatomy. A powerful body ready to take on the day is very essential, especially for people living in a mad city like Mumbai!

4. Have a fresh & natural breakfast.. It truly helps in starting the day filled with the vital nutrients.

5. Read the headlines, a motivational thought for the day & a joke & only then leave your home. Headlines to stay abreast of events, thought for the day to face the boss, colleagues & clients & the joke because.. well.. life shouldn’t be taken that seriously.. a good sense of humor always helps in saving the most traumatic of days. Pray to the lord to bless you with all the achievements you could gather in a day. To show you the right path & lead you to doing the right things all the time.

So all the best dearies…

& I pray you start your day tomorrow with the excitement of a child & the enthusiasm of a butterfly..

See you!

Mohnish Nair

Monday, January 24, 2011

24th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai - Did I miss the bus or am I driving one???

24th Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai - Did I miss the bus or am I driving one???

A very happy work week to all of you. I am sure you had a great weekend. I definitely had one. I spent the Sunday working with the sales team of a property development company “Rustomjee”. They have a massive 120 odd acre residential cum commercial property coming up in Thane, bang on the Mumbai – Nashik highway.

The property business has been one of great interest over the past decade in India, Mumbai, mostly because of it’s out of the roof land prices. However, I had very little interest in this business per say. Though I did buy a flat for my family very early in my career, the procedures & paperwork was completely looked after by my Uncle and hence I had very little access to property paperwork and the knowledge one derives in the process. This project has been a revelation. I have been introduced to the deep interest the Indian Middle class shows in property investment and also how well informed they are about little details of property laws and current happenings. Every time I am at this site, training & reviewing the sales team, I get an opportunity to watch them interact with the huge flow of walk-in prospects seeking property.

The number of people that flood the sales office is no indication of a country engulfed with so called “inflation”, “recession” or “poverty”. People are buying properties worth crores as their second homes or merely as investment propositions. They are not first time buyers & the biggest surprise for me is.. They are all mostly average middle class families, who are out on a Sunday shopping spree buying flats worth crores of rupees. I may seem to be exaggerating the whole issue, but it is an eye opener for me. I had never assumed the common man today has so much money in hand. Or is it a phenomenon restricted only to the metropolis, I do not know!!! For I observe families investing in properties for reasons as simple as sudden capital gains, the son in the family planning to get married or merely as a tax saving option.

The salaried class truly has grown to gigantic proportions. The kind of lifestyle they live, spending habits they enjoy, the expectations they have from their future career prospects is all simply alarming for me.

Yes, I do sound too alarmed, I agree & NO!!! I was not on Mars in hibernation for the last decade and neither have I been suddenly dropped on this planet to discover the sudden social change.

I missed this boom, because simply after working for 1 year after graduation in a low paying job for a sole proprietary firm where I had no access to any great employee benefits, I chose to become an entrepreneur at the age of 22. Ever since then I have been too engrossed in my routine business chores like paying rent, salaries & bills so much that I completely ignored what the generation I belong to are enjoying as paid beneficiaries working under some flashy MNC banner. This is I believe the core reason for my utter disbelief with respect to the BIG FAT PAY CHEQUES people are getting these days, for the challenges of an entrepreneur are very different to that of an employee.

• Entrepreneurs have no personal & professional divide. They carry their work to their homes & vice versa.
• They truly have to win their bread.. everyday, if they don’t show up for work, they don’t get paid.. simple - there are no CL, PL & IPL’s favoring them.
• They have the responsibility to make the future, not just for themselves but most importantly for people associated with them and depending on their vision.
• There are no real privileges in entrepreneurship & it is not for the weak hearted for sure. You reap what you sow!!!

So, the questions is, Do I regret not working for some loud mouthed boss but being assured of getting paid beyond my worth on a fixed date every month????

I would say a big…. NO….OOOOO!!!

Do I want to earn beyond my worth??? Again.. NO!!!

I don’t think I have missed any bus…I believe I am driving one.

Yes, it may be squeaky, slow & crackling with loose parts but it is at the end of the day MY BUS & I choose where I want to take it... Nobody can throw me out of it except for my poor performance.

I believe in meritocracy which I observe is completely missing in today’s corporate culture and this is creating an artificial middle class bubble which I fear would one day burst. That would be a sad day!! Because I observe guys & gals from my generation, not all of them, but many taking their jobs for granted.. this is disturbing…

I am not against the working class. I am part of the working class. My entire family belongs to this section of the society that is today bearing the Indian flagship worldwide. My mother worked hard all her life in a job & raised me.. My aunt & uncle are superior workaholics known for their sincerity in their respective organizations.

But I am against senseless & unfair pay packages and that must change!!!

I believe young entrepreneurs like me should hang on.. Yes the route to freedom is tough but the destination is too enchanting for us to be troubled by the journey!

So my 8 point suggestion/advice/ whatever…. to me & all my entrepreneur friends is this….

1. Hang on to your dreams.
2. Convert your dreams into concrete step by step plans.
3. Work on the plan everyday!!!!
4. Make your product / service too valuable for anybody to negotiate on its worth… Only then can you earn big!!
5. Build systems & a team, don’t do everything yourself, for too long…
6. Expand.. Expand.. Expand
7. Improve continuously personally & professionally, become interesting!!
8. Don’t worry about what others are doing.. Keep moving on & you will be proud of yourself at the end of the journey!!

All the best my lovelies!!!

I will be off the blog for a few days as I have certain work & personal commitments & will be offline for most of the week. Apologies!


Mohnish Nair

Saturday, January 22, 2011

22nd Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai

Weekend Blast:

It’s that time of the week again when the adrenaline rushes to freak-out heights, when the mind wants to wander pointlessly & the body seeks escape to solitude & sleepy gaze into nothing.

Most of us living today in urbania live for this moment & wait through the week to simply lay off guard and enjoy the clock tick with lazy pace. I have observed many of my friends make weekend plans to gulp down litres of intoxicating liquids and run away to natural enchantments.

I have a few suggestions too, that can help you spend this weekend with fun & masti of a different kind.. here it is my dear ones..

1. Wake up early for a change & watch the sun rise.

2. Go to a nearby park or open space, carry a flask full of filter coffee & enjoy sipping the caffeine delight watching the sun rays dance on the green grass… Hope you find green grass in your neighborhood.. fingers crossed.

3. Guys can cook up lunch for a change & gals can watch the latest action flicks on DVD to understand masculine leisure habits.

4. Visit your neighbor over the evening tea or if you dislike the idea, you can spend the evening breeze singing Manna de & Kishore kumar songs loudly and display your untrained vocal chords..

5. Lastly.. why not spend the weekend night playing a game of Monopoly, carrom, chess or even scrabble with your family over a pizza?

I wish all of you a happy weekend!


Mohnish Nair

Friday, January 21, 2011

21st Jan 2011

21st Jan 2011, Maple Dreams Office, Mumbai

I have decided to keep my promises… or at least let’s hope I do... Optimism never hurts, right?.. A few days back I had promised to write down original articles on my blog…I decided upon this very presumptuous act knowing very well that I lack the articulate skill, the grammatical prowess or the intelligence to write anything meaningful or close to making sense… However, I dare today to tread a path I dread the most.

It took me a while to gather what I desire to write. I just couldn’t make up my mind. It’s all blank as I venture out to write this post, however, I know the mind will support & pass me those chits so that I could write something down. OH!! Brings back old school memories.. the chit part I mean. Forget it …

The mind has its own mind. As weird as it may sound I have observed from my own personal everyday experiences that the mind is the most elusive, most crafty & the most powerful device ever to entice man. I say this because, had it not for the “presence of mind”, pun intended, we wouldn’t have been what we are now as a race, would we? What distinguishes us humans from the rest of the Almighty’s creation is that piece or may be vapor or may be liquid somewhere in the body called as mind.

But let me ask this first, where is the mind??? Is it a body part, a vein, a muscle, where is it located in our anatomy? One obviously through reference has believed the mind is up there in the brain. So is the brain a container of the mind? Is the brain made up of this matter called as mind? Is the mind a container of the brain?


Too many questions & too many answers run through my mind as I pen down these questions?

Let me start from scratch. So lets suppose the mind is not a body part or it does not exist in physical form, but there is something that controls us, it has the power to reciprocate to our feelings, it is i believe, the creator of feelings, thoughts, ideas, it also validates what we are feeling, thinking, doing. We tend to many a time search for answers in our mind & there have also been occasions where we disagree with our mind. I personally have had a strange relationship with my mind. My mother always called me a Double Minded person. That may be taken by many as a demeaning description of my character. But yes, I mostly have dual opinions on a single query, choice or decision. I have this strange ability to see from the opposite persons point of view with empathy even when it is against my well being. I have two minds, I guess, now that is scarier!!!

Whatever may it be, the mind is a powerful source of inspiration, and it has helped many to overcome their obstacles. It works as a shield against problems, difficulties & dire circumstances. It has the power to motivate you to achieve the unthinkable & it provides you with ideas, strength, courage, wisdom to fight the extremities with vigor and valiance.

The mind can be a deterrent too for if it decides to act funny; you may be left alone to battle unsavory circumstances with god forbid, to add to the plight, a mind that is not only unsupportive but also unfriendly. What if the mind decides to go against your plans? What if it decides to not work in your favor?? I guess this is a situation nobody would like to imagine being in. A mind that is working against you is the last thing you want to have, knowing the enormous powers and abilities it holds in itself.

I would like to believe that the mind is a friend.. a soundboard.. a coach.. that has been blessed upon us by nature to help us move towards a rational & righteous destination, whatever & wherever that happens to be…

The mind is an excellent source of help if tamed & equally a horrific foe if left uncontrolled. It can help us create the blissful life we all like to pursue or can spell doom that many amongst us fail to see coming.

The mind can be tamed only if one knows for sure what one is most desirous of & then using the craving of that enigmatic desire to train the mind and seek support & favorable ideas, thoughts, feelings, actions & corrections. The mind is a wonderful indicator of our conscience & our consciousness but it also has the power to alter our subconscious… so let’s pray and tame the mind with meditative practices & righteous actions, so that it favors all that is right & progressive…. I pray to god to give me, my loved ones & my readers the wisdom to befriend the mind and sail through this fantastic gift called life with joy & fulfillment.

My deepest love to all

Mohnish Nair

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I promise

I promise all my readers to post original articles starting monday! @ http://mapledreamsindia.blogspot.com/

Mohnish Nair

Finding Your Purpose Through Inspiring Sports Motivations Part 1 - Definition of Purpose

By Jimmy Tong


When we look at true inspirational people like Lance Armstrong, Jim Abbot, Team Hoyt, etc, one cannot help wondering where they find passion and energy to do what they are doing. Despite their severe handicap, they still participated in the toughest sports and end up inspiring everyone who had come to know their stories. You might also wonder if their purpose is to play sports as handicap person and so go on to be inspiration to others. But that is not entirely accurate. One thing is certain, these individuals have found their purpose in life, and it is certainly a much higher calling than participating in sports. Sports is just a vehicle for them to fulfill their purpose in life. What than is a purpose in one's life?

When you have found something that you think is your purpose, doing it will elicit the following six forms of experiences:

1. It Feels Good.

When you are doing something that you know is your true purpose in life, it feels good doing it. After his Major League career, Jim Abbott started a career as a motivational and inspirational speaker. He went from state to state delivering speeches and seminars. To him it was something that feels right and good. His purpose of motivating others using his past handicap life's example is an inspiration to all who had attended his sessions.

2. You Can Do It For Free.

If you believe something strong enough to be right, offering it for free or at substantially lower cost is no issue at all. At the end of the day, inspirational people who are purpose driven know that what they are doing is helping others. That sense of charity makes any pay more than worthwhile. Mother Theresa was a perfect example here. Her life in Calcutta serving the poor and destitute was for no money.

3. You Can Do It "All Night Long".

When something make you feel good doing it, it is not surprising that purpose driven inspirational people can spend a lot of their time doing it. Who wouldn't! One of the inert cravings of human beings is to feel good and happy. If doing something makes you happy, by all means please continue.

4. You Are Constantly Looking To Do It Better.

Once you start feeling the sense of fulfillment doing your purpose, it is a natural progression to want to do things better or to stretch themselves even more. Team Hoyt started running 5 mile runs. Soon they did a 10 miler. Before you know it, they have completed a marathon, until the ultimate endurance test, the Iron Man, was completed. If you call Rick and Dick Hoyt up now, don't be surprise that these inspirational people are planning their next big thing to have more impact on the lives of others.

5. It Improves Lives.

The greatest intrinsic motivation of following your purpose is that it improves lives and humanity. By setting the Live Strong Foundation, Lance Armstrong is using his experience and reputation to further mankind's fight against cancer bringing hope and strength to those who are afflicted by cancer. Similarly, Terry Fox attempted his Marathon of Hope to help people who have his similar experiences. Nothing brings fulfillment to inspirational people more than knowing that what they are doing improves or saves lives.

6. It Can Go On Forever Doing It.

A divine purpose once discovered has no end. How can helping others end? When you have fulfilled your purpose in life, somebody whom you have inspired will continue your legacy and bring humanity to a higher plane.

Now that you know what a purpose look and feel like, maybe it is time to ask yourself whether what you are currently doing is a divine purpose for your life. For most people, the answer would be no. If that is the case, knowing how to find your purpose in life is the next important step to becoming your very own inspirational person.

Friday, January 14, 2011

3 Ways To Make Sure You Are Happy, Stress Free and Manage Stress Better

By Benjamin Barnes


With the world plunging in high and lows thanks to a recessional economy, increasing workloads, rapidly depleting supply of jobs, non-existent and meaningless relationships (in some cases), we have never been this stressed, ever. Too many people - knowingly or unknowingly - fall victims to disastrous levels of stress. Obviously then, you can bet that there are plenty of folks out there looking to lead a happy stress free life and that explains the countless number of coaching programs, stress management therapies, stress relief programs being promoted all over the world. If you have been looking to de-stress and claim your life back, here are some tried-and-tested ways to do that:

Hit the gym, exercise, and pump it all out: One of the best ways to de-stress yourself is to hit the nearest gym. No it's just not about the health benefits and the miraculous transformation that's possible just by making the decision to go to the gym (although the results you can transform your life for the better part). It's just that it's possible to forget about your troubles for a while since you have no way to be stressed when you are walking/jogging at 80% of your heart rate in the quest to burn fat or when you need a firm mind-body connect along with plenty of will power to pump iron. Try it and you will feel the difference. Your sweat is testimony to a happy, healthy, stress free life you award yourself.

Do what you like and love what you do: Too many people end up in the wrong jobs, dead-end relationships and also end up doing things others expect them to do most of the time leading to the all too common unhappy and meaningless lives. If you wanted to be happy, you should be doing what you like and not what others expect you to do. It's harsh, but it's the plain truth. Stress management isn't science (to an extent, it is); it's more about the choices you make. Take your time for everything. Pursue happy relationships, work on jobs you love to remain stress free and you wouldn't need therapies and programs to keep yourself sane.

Simmer down your expectations and aim for less: Contrary to what high achievers think, having too many expectations and being dead beat about outcomes can only lead to more stress in your life. You can never have a happy life if you are not content. Stress management is popular only because you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone looking to aim for the skies. Simmer down those expectation levels and a stress free life is an automatic reward.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Think Big, Dream Big, Make It Happen

By Joey L


In order to achieve big things in your life, you must be willing to think big. You should dream big and envision your goals to make them happen. Achieving your targets and goals is best achieved when you can imagine every detail of what it is you want to achieve.

When you're busily working toward bringing your goals to life, you also feel happier and more fulfilled in your journey.
Follow these steps to bring your goals to fruition by envisioning what you want in life:

1. Close your eyes and imagine your future. Where do you see yourself in a year, five years or ten? Try to think as far ahead as you comfortably can. Do you see yourself with a family, children, a steady job, and a college degree in ten years?

Try to have as vivid a visualization as you can. Pay attention to every detail, and let your dreams come to life in your mind, showing you what matters most to you. Think about where you want to be in the future and how you want to get there.

2. Write down everything you envision.
Use as much detail as you can when jotting down what you remember. Write down the most important achievements that you focused on, but also the details about each. What matters most to you?

Note the things that stood out in your visualization. Did you own your own home? Were you raising a family? Did you have a job that made you happy? Were you making a comfortable income? What other details stood out? How did you feel.

3. Create a list of bullet points.
Do this for each separate achievement that you wrote about following your visualization. For example, if one of your achievements is "I own my own home," then you can list things like you are successfully saving for a down payment, that you're making monthly mortgage payments, and you have a steady job.

4. Break each of these bullet points down into goals.
For example, if one bullet point was to save for a down payment for the home you visualized, how can you get there? Create savings goals that will allow you to work toward having a down payment for your home.

5. Lay out your plan.
Once you have a list of long term, medium term, and short term goals in mind, create a plan accordingly. How will you achieve these goals? How will you bring the life that you visualized into existence? Divide your large goals into achievable steps

6. Start achieving goals today.
Put your future plans into action today. Vow to take a small step each day toward the future you have envisioned. Move forward every day, even if you are only taking small steps at a time.

7. Revisit your plan consistently.
Visualizations, dreams, and hopes change over time. Revisit the plan that you laid out and the future goals that you dreamed up on a consistent basis to ensure their relevancy over time. It's okay to change your dreams and goals based on your needs and desires as they change.

Visualizing the "dream you" is an excellent way to bring your goals to the forefront when you're trying to determine what matters most to you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bring Out Your Creative Genius!

By Afiq Ahmed Hasan


There is a creative genius in all of us; NO EXCEPTIONS! The most important thing you can ever do in your life is to identify your creative genius and work towards creative a substantial full time income around it.

What is a creative genius? It is the ability for you to do something that no one else can do it in the world no matter how hard they try. This means that if you are interested in a particular activity like painting or music, the creativity that you will be able to bring it into that art will never be brought by anyone else simply because they are not YOU!

I always believe that it is impossible for anyone of us to aim for a success like an established personality because it is never possible for you to become like them and neither is it possible for them to become like you.

There is no one in this world who can become Afiq Hasan except for me, so this makes me one in over 6 Billion whatever the total population is. Isn't that amazing?

If you have a certain idea, or passion in your mind that you would LOVE to take ahead there is no point in waiting further nor would it help to get discouraged by the fact that there is already many people doing it because if you don't implement that idea no one else will since no other person is YOU except for yourself.

Why do you want the world to be deprived of that precious contribution that you have planned to make, GO FOR IT! There is no one who can stop you, and there is no one who can do a better job of doing it like the one you have it in your mind.

The take-home message for today is to go ahead and get started with whatever you have in your mind, because no one else will do it except for you as you are destined to make that thing happen in your life; it is a gift that you can give to the world!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve Mood in 30 Seconds

By Dian Aristian


Did you ever feel so busy and chased time so as not had time to just breathe, think, and take care of yourself? If these cycles happen every day, stress was no doubt immediately came over.

Before the thought was too dizzy and worsened mood, improve your mood instantly by the following steps:

About 70 percent of waste in the body cleared through the lungs. Try to keep hands on the belly and feel the movement of rising and falling with each breath you pulled. Thirty seconds to breathe can provide a miracle that never imagine before.

Say one positive affirmation over and over again for 30 seconds. For example, a brief affirmation such as:''I feel complete and confidence.''You will be surprised to find how many times you can repeat it and plant them to you in 30 seconds. Positive affirmation will give you peace of mind and improve your mood.

Stand for a moment and stretch the body to relax the stiff muscles. This will make you feeling better.

Smiling makes the muscles relax and release hundreds of bags of stress and tension that caught in the face. In addition, the smile is also contagious. Because smile can give you more power. Smile, then the whole world will smile with you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Leadership Qualities List

By Seth Arcadia


Leadership is an amazingly versatile word with many different variations bandied around depending on the circumstances. The word in itself is easily defined but what are the most common attributes you might find on every leadership qualities list?

Before we get to our list, let us discuss leadership in more detail, and what makes it so vital a quality to have.

For many of us, the first thought that springs to mind is at work. No matter where we work or who we work for, it is highly likely we report to someone. He or she is the leader of the office, the division, the dept, the troop or even the CEO of the whole organization. Now this is not to be confused with the manager as the subject or leadership versus management deserves and has its own volume of discussion!

A strong and charismatic leader of a workplace or business is vital. They ensure the culture of the team or staff is in good health. They stay ahead of the game and as a result are prepared for changes and flows. A strong leader empowers his team and shows the right balance of leading, guiding and telling. A strong leader is highly respected by the team and this in turn creates good morale and major productivity and performance loops.

Another common leadership scenario is in the armed forces. Decorated leaders in this field are highly trusted, deeply respected and have the unbridled support of their troops which is so crucial in situations of war. When you follow someone into battle, you follow the command of a leader and not a manager.

Leadership is not limited to merely work and country. Have a good think and you will find leaders everywhere and in every social situation. Look around your family and you will surely be able to name someone that everyone goes to for advice, cuts the Christmas turkey, sorts out family struggles and conflicts and ensures lives stay on the right track. Leadership qualities are used and needed all around us otherwise we would all be wandering aimlessly and not getting anything done.

So then, what makes a good leader? I have been lucky enough to be around many great leaders in my career and also attended and developed many different leadership programs. The following leadership qualities list is by no means an exhaustive one however they are the attributes and characteristics I observe to pop up the most often when interviewing groups.

TRUST - Perhaps one of the most crucial attributes, trust is everything to most people. Without trust, there is nothing and you will always question the agenda, motives and reasoning behind decisions and direction.

LOYALTY - Closely aligned to TRUST, followers of a leader must know and believe unconditionally that their leader is loyal. Loyal to them and loyal to the business.

RESPECT - Leaders must be respected however the general rank and file have an unconditional need to also be respected. A leader without respect will find it extremely hard to inspire action in his or her team and the old adage of "You must give respect to get respect" is never truer than in this situation.

RESPONSIBILITY - Strong leaders take responsibility for their actions and decisions and never let anyone take the fall for them. They know when to shoulder the load and when to allow freedom.

MOTIVATION - Leaders must have the ability to motivate their team. In all facets of business there are peaks and troughs. A good leader enables the team to get through the hard times, enjoys the successes of the good times and motivates the team to continually innovate and find new and better ways of thinking and doing.

ABILITY TO CONNECT - As an organization grows, the ability to connect with all levels becomes more important. The world is full of complex and varying personality types and a strong leader has the ability to transverse all and speak freely and easily with all types.

PASSIONATE AND ENTHUSIASTIC - We all need to be motivated. Sometimes our enthusiasm wanes or we may forget about what we are trying to achieve. A strong leader speaks with passion and emotion and their pure high level energy is an amazing tool for keeping morale, fun and innovation at a high level within the organization.

LEADING BY EXAMPLE - Also called "Walking The Talk", any leader that does not lead by example is doomed. Many team members and staff rate this as one of their biggest criticisms of a poor leader. The old saying "Do as I say and not what I do." simply does not wash anymore. Today's workers expect their leaders to talk and act exactly the same way a general staff member would in the same situation. A poor leader has major differences in between what they say and what they actually do.

As stated above, this is not the be all and end all for our leadership qualities list. There are many others that people may feel I have missed out and there are probably some above that some people do not agree with. That's fine, the main question is are leaders really born or can they be made?

The answer is YES to both! Yes some people are truly born leaders. From an early age they show signs of leadership and generally progress through life the same way.

On the other hand however, leaders can certainly be made. I myself can attest to that! When I first started my working career, I could not be further away from being a leader! As I progressed through the ranks and surrounded myself with not only high level leaders but also tremendous texts, CD's and other media, combined with my life experiences and major interest in the psychology of people and what makes them tick, over time I evolved to a well respected and admired leader.

Leadership at all levels becomes primarily subconscious. This is very important when you have to make quick decisions and think fast. In fact, most leaders have a very under inflated view of themselves and often fail to see what all the fuss and admiration is about!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Use Subconscious Awareness in the Creative Process

By Valerie Olmsted


The subconscious mind is considered to be the bottom part of the iceberg of our mind; a dark and mysterious repository of all of our darkest feelings and deepest desires. This often feared and misaligned portion of our awareness can be fractured by trauma; split into countless separate personalities (as utilized by the CIA, the Nazi's, and all other entities seeking to control and manipulate others). It can be healed by love and conscious awareness, as used by shamans in the Soul Retrieval ritual. This part of the human is also where creation springs forth, through the birth canal of our dreams and thought processes.

To use the subconscious mind in the creative process is easy and brings delightful results. For those who meditate or are involved in creative projects it seems as natural as breathing. For those who spend the majority of their time stuck in the left brain, accessing the creative process might seem like an impossible task-which it is, for the left brain. The road to manifesting a thought from the depths of our interior selves is reached through the right brain and involves intuition. It also involves the conscious plucking of the idea from a random thought-stream. The thought is then examined from several angles, in a 'what if...' sort of manner.

As one who has used this method many times, in some very strange situations, I can tell you that the intuition is critical to success. For instance: when faced with some mechanical problem that is beyond my limited experience, the best thing to do is to sit down, stare at the problematic equipment, and ask "What do I need to do to get this working again?" The mind then needs to be stilled and relaxed, in a sort of standby mode. Suddenly a thought will come floating in; an image of an action, a spoken suggestion, or a feeling, hits the conscious awareness. Acting upon that suggestion usually results in success.

For those who are accustomed to acting on these suggestions, the results are expected to be good. Indeed, we tend to laugh delightedly when such things occur, as if we have just performed a new magic trick. Creating something new and useful is what humans are all about. Life is our playground, meant to both amuse and teach. As we learn how to bring things into material manifestation, we automatically open more of that connection between right and left brain, between subconscious and conscious awareness.

To become more creative, start with meditation; something like the Silva Mind Control program, which teaches visualization techniques. Practice controlling your own mind frequently; like anything else, success improves with repetition. Prayer also helps, if done in the correct manner-not 'lips service'. A real prayer contains the greeting to the Creator, gratitude for what is already being experienced in life, a statement of desire or request for help, and the closing greeting. Following that prayer with Afformations (check out Dr. Noah St.John for that) packs a powerful one-two punch that hastens the appearance of the desired result.

The next step involves following one's intuitional flashes. If the thought of bringing something along shoots through the brain then bring the item along. It might make no sense at the time but will usually be necessary at some point in the journey. Sometimes bringing that book that has been read a thousand times is due to a chance meeting of someone who needs exactly that book...and is so thankful that the ensuing conversation reveals something the giver needs to know. Voila! Two people are helped by one seemingly random flash of thought.

It makes sense, from a quantum entanglement point of view. Thought is instantaneous and has no limits; the moment it occurs, everyone connected to that thought is notified appropriately.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Money Into Your Life

By Carla J. Kaplan

Right now, it seems like everyone is hurting for money. Times are tough, no one feels safe in their job or their home, and being able to get the money you need just to pay the bills seems almost impossible. But, by using the Law of Attraction, you will be able not only to attract money that you need, but money that you deserve to enjoy your life to its fullest.

The key to being able to attract money is to not think about your bills at all. That may be hard, especially when they keep coming in the mail every day, but you really have to change your mindset. If you think of bills, worry about them, and stay up at night thinking how to pay them off, then the only thing you are going to attract are more bills.

You can begin to attract money instead of bills by visualizing the feeling of having money. What would it feel like if you had all the money you needed and more? How would you feel if you had no debt at all and could happily look up your bank balance and get excited about how big it was? What would your life be like if you could run to the mailbox each day, looking for another expected check, rather than an unexpected bill?

Many millions of people have changed their lives by changing the way they feel about money. Instead of dwelling on the bills, they focus on the joy and excitement of wealth and abundance. They make plans for the money that they will have, which should include helping others and being grateful. By doing this, you will find that getting more money than you could ever want is much easier that you might think, and that wealth is just around the corner.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Conquer the Difficult Challenges in Your Life

By Susan Kersley


What can you do to overcome the difficult challenges in your life? You may have decide that something is too difficult for you and let go of the idea of overcoming that particular challenge. But the same challenge may come to you again. Do you want to give up on it again or know about some ways to face up to it and succeed?

Discover what the challenge is about.

Why does it challenge you? It could be fear of failure for instance. But if you don't even try then for sure you have already failed. You might succeed. Say some positive affirmations to yourself such 'I am calm' I am succeeding' and face up to the challenge as if you would definitely succeed.

Be assertive

Don't be nervous about asking for what you want form others. Adopt a confident posture and state clearly what you want done. Don't get involved in arguments about why something can't happen just adopt the 'stuck record technique' and keep on repeating your request.

Develop your skills

If the particular challenge of doing what you want to do is that you don't feel very confident about some of the skills you need to have then get some training so you become able to do procedures efficiently and correctly. On the other hand you could instead ask someone else to do those parts of the task that you feel uncertain about.

Recognise and get rid of any obstacles standing in your way

Define exactly what's stopping you beyond your personal apprehension and fear. Maybe there is a particular person blocking you. So communicate with him or her using your best effort to understand their point of view about what you are proposing to do. If you show you understand where they are coming from then you will be able to better explain your reasons for wanting to make changes and then go into detail of how you will be doing this and if it will affect the other person. Try your hardest to deal with any objections from them by making it all into a win-win situation. This means that not only will you make the change you want and meet the challenges presented to you but you will also enable some positive things to happen for others too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How To Write a New Year's Resolution That Truly Works

By Maria Moratto


Ah! It is that time of the year again. The magic time when most of us have been close to exhaustion from all the situations we have been through during the old year and we are ready to begin afresh. Blessed is he who invented the concept of the New Year for he has given us hope just when we thought we couldn't take it any longer.

Even for those whose old year was a good one, the idea of a clean slate is short of a miracle.

So here we are at the end of December. The first of January approaching fast and furious and we begin to think about all the great things that we would like to be, do, or have for the next 12 months of our lives.

We keep thinking about this and that, most especially about dieting and exercising, which we can certainly take control, but the rest... we only wish that our life circumstances will change for the better: a better job, a better pay, a loving relationship. Our wishes remain floating in the air and, though we have great hopes we don't take action into making them come true.

For us to succeed, we must write them down. We need to make a list.

So here is my suggestion to you:

1. Separate your wishes into 4 categories, which are the ones the bulk of our wishes fall into: health, relationships, prosperity, and lifestyle. Then, subdivide them into 3 categories each, like this:

a. Health: weight management, nutrition, exercise

b. Relationships: life partner, friends, family

c. Prosperity: finances, business and/or job, possessions

d. Lifestyle: recreation and fun, culture and travel, self-growth and spirituality

2. For each category, brainstorm and write everything that you would absolutely love to have, do, and be.

3. For each item that you wrote, provide details, in a way that you can quantify. For instance: "I will be more loving towards my spouse" does not say much. But, if you can figure out ways in which you can be more loving, write them down with a number. For example: "I will bring my husband coffee in bed every Sunday;" "I will exercise for 30min, 2x/ week." Things like these.

Don't forget to live room for surprises and miracles, because they most likely happen.

4. Visualize the outcome of the things you have written down. How does it feel having received them? Don't lock the outcome; remember that there is always room for improvement.

5. Write down your declarations with a date and the term "I will." For example: "I will bring coffee in bed to my husband every Sunday beginning now." Or, I will weight 120 lb by December of 2011.

6. At the end, write: "This or something better, with gratitude." Date and sign the list.

7. Finally ask yourself the question: What are the infinite possibilities that all this will come into my life in the year of 2011?

8. Don't try to answer the question. Fold your list and put it in a place where you can open at the end of the year. Go about your life and when the time comes open the list up and start checking your blessings.