Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Choose the Right Business Opportunity

By Adair Jones

There are certain aspects of businesses that may attract you to them, but just as equal, they need to attract leads. The MOST important feature of a business is its product or service. All businesses will have one or the other, or even both, whether it be online or off. You need to give someone good reason for giving you their money.

I am going to outline, from my experience, how you can choose a business opportunity that is right for you.

The first thing you need to do is to get in the right mind set. A business is a business, from opening up your own coffee shop to selling health care products. Every business requires up front capital; some more than others. If you happen to choose a network marketing business and they recommend you get business cards and flyers or advertise, or whatever, don't think it is all a scam. Think of what you need to start a coffee shop from scratch. Are those requirements any less important? The point is, remember to treat what ever business you decide, like a business.

Find a marketing system that works! How do you do that? Every system has their people claiming that what they have works. (Always remember this rule: Systems don't fail, people do.)

Give the system a 4 question test:

1. Is the product or service something people need or want? Does it have true value? Basically, will you become a product of the product? That is the best way to share what you have with honesty. If you use it, and it is working, then you don't have to push it. Personal testimony is powerful.

2. What kind of support is available? Will your sponsor be a mentor? Does the company offer support? If local meetings and conference calls are given, then take advantage of them. I also judge a program by contacting my future sponsor's sponsor. Or even one more up the line. If they are willing to answer questions and offer advise, then you may have a strong company to be a part of.

3. Does the program allow a significant return within weeks to just a few months, given that your efforts honestly follow the system as laid out? (Remember the rule, systems don't fail...) You can not blame a program that has reputation for not giving you opportunity to succeed. Just because you paid your entry fee, ordered products, and bought business cards, doesn't mean you'll be a millionaire all of the sudden.

4. Can you make money from day one? This means, upon entry, the product or service is available for immediate sale. Do not confuse this with doing nothing to earn income. So you have to get out of your comfort zone and do something different to start making money from day one; what a concept? Again, look for the opportunity that is given, not your unwillingness to actually do something. (Systems don't fail...) If the product can be retailed for immediate profit, even a small one, then it passes. Just keep in mind, these quick income jumpstarters won't be the "life changing income" you are seeking. But it is the beginning.

Do not let price be a reason for not choosing to join. [my thoughts - If the program has a cheap entry cost, then how does the company grow, AND how do you get filthy rich too??] Just because a business costs more than you are willing to spend right now, doesn't mean it is not a good program. Give it the TEST first. If it passes with flying colors, then make a decision and the necessary steps it will take to get the capital you need to join. Note, watch out for the "free" and "$29.99" programs. How are you going to buy that fancy car you always wanted when people are paying pennies to join a program?

Find a mentor. After choosing a program that meets your requirements, find someone who will support your goals. Obviously someone within the same program. You don't want to reinvent the wheel. You want to copy success. As you become efficient, add spokes to the wheel, and make it your own. The mentor should be someone that will teach you his inside track to how he is successful. You will become a mentor yourself soon, so learn everything you can. Remember, it's a business, so know it like its yours.