Saturday, December 25, 2010

Life lessons from Christmas

Life lessons from Christmas

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Christmas is a common festival celebrated by many.

But are there still many of us who still remember what this special occasion has to offer us in terms of life lessons?

Let’s get down to basics:

Appreciate and be grateful for your loved ones and friends

It’s gift-giving time!

With the advent of the internet, the age of instant gratification is upon us. Sending e-cards has saved us the hassle of writing season’s greeting cards and the sending of Christmas gifts. But is the hassle worth it? For those of us who still believed that it is, then it will be good to consider other options.

Why not pen some of your kind thoughts on greeting cards and sent them along with simple but thoughtful presents for your loved ones and friends this Christmas? Maybe for the next Christmas as well? Maybe the one after next? Maybe every year?

Relish the time taken to wrap presents too. Sometimes, effort can be very meaningful and present-wrapping can be a sincere art.

Expand your love to the World

Why not let our love spread beyond our loved ones to the rest of the world? Without our loving hearts to shower warmth on the needy and the underprivileged, the world can be a cold place.

Every helping hands shines a rim of light onto this earth. If all of us engage in altruism by donating to charity, love and warmth will envelop this world.

And darkness will be history.

Forgive those who offend you

If one were ever in a position where one wants to seek forgiveness but never gets forgiven, than one understands the uncomfortable experience of not being forgiven – a feeling that is worse than choosing not to forgive someone. Even if one is not in such a position, one can surely empathise?

Please kindly give the offender a chance to change for the better. Too many individuals have not turned out well in life because they were not even given the opportunity.

The movie Megamind illustrates this point very clearly. Bring your family and kids to watch it this Christmas. Or rent a DVD and watch it as a family at home if the title’s available.

Give someone a second chance.

Christmas is the best family play time

Ever wondered why Christmas happens to fall on winter? That’s probably because winter provides the best time for family gatherings in front of fireplaces to banter about the year’s memorable and/or interesting happenings. It is also ideal for families to play a game of snowball or snowman building/decorating sessions.

Having the event at the end of the year also encourages one to prepare new year resolutions after a full year’s fruitful harvest. Having the kids joining the fun of having one another write their new resolutions are also great time, wouldn’t you say?

Santa probably would have agreed.

For those of us living in tropical countries without the four seasons, we can still get fun out of building fake snowmen.

Santa would probably still agree.

Make time for your family and friends you treasure most.

For every one of us, there will be someone who wants to be with us very much. This often includes our family members, our loved ones, our spouses and the like.

As the year draws to a close, why not make their wish come true by appearing at their doorsteps this Christmas?

Make them smile, and let them know that their love for us is worth our times spent with them – much more.