Friday, December 10, 2010

Brand Design

By Cody Allen

Is your company struggling with its brand design? This article will help you decide if hiring an agency to help build your company's image is the right step for your business. The purpose of brand design is to develop a personality and identity for a company, organization or even an individual. When you see a well-known logo, character or even tag line that represents a company, there is usually a brand design firm who can take credit for its creation.

The goal of a brand design strategy is to make people remember a company by establishing things that are familiar. Therefore once the strategy is established the brand needs to remain consistent throughout. Everything the company does needs to reflect the new brand strategy going forward.

Depending on the business, there are many factors to take into account when developing a brand including:

What is their product?

Who are their customers?

Do they provide a service?

What is their role in the community?

What is the benefit to the customer/community?

All of these things are taken into account when designing a brand. Once a strategy is developed, the brand design company will begin to establish new brand identity in many ways including logo design, color scheme, a tagline and more.

One thing that plays a key role in branding is called positioning. An individual's branding strategy, if they are running for political office for instance, might include positioning them as an honest, caring member of their community. A company's positioning might be as a leader in customer service or a provider of innovative solutions to everyday problems. Once this positioning has been determined, the brand design portfolio will be built around it.

Brand design tells a story about a company. It is something like a biography. If you look at the brand design portfolio of a major company, you will quickly be able to learn about them and their history. Through the use of branding, major corporations have built their reputations. Occasionally a company will refresh their brand identity in order to appear more modern or to show they have changed with the times. Sometimes this change is not welcome by their customers.

A major retailer recently changed its logo. For about 24 hours, their entire brand strategy changed to show this new modern logo. Customers and marketing experts agreed that they preferred the original logo and it was quickly decided that they would maintain their original brand image. This shows how impactful a company's image can be. People are often emotionally attached to brands even without knowing it.

Branding is key in marketing success. In order for marketing to work, the target audience must immediately recognize who is talking to them (a company, an individual, etc.) and they must quickly hear the message. Notice the words immediate and quickly. When working to get the attention of an audience, it is important to do so in just a few seconds.

Brand development is not a simple process and it can take designers years to get good at it. Only then can they develop successful brand strategies for their clients. Working with a brand design agency who employs a team of highly creative designers as well as people who can implement the technological requirements of a strong brand is critical to obtaining a successful brand identity.