Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Exactly Is Positive Motivation?

By Carla Jiroux Kaplan

We've all heard about motivational speakers changing people's lives through their seminars, books, and so forth. We've heard that these speakers have saved marriages, made people more successful in their professional lives, and so much more. Yet what is positive motivation, and how can it change your own life?

Motivation is a force that can quite simply be either positive or negative. It can be applied to you through others, or you can apply it to the lives of others who are close to you. Positive motivation has the power to give you or your loved ones that little extra push to succeed. It has the power to change lives in incredible ways simply by creating extra will where there really isn't any will left. If you have ever heard successful people speaking about their lives, you likely have heard many of them talk about a turning point in their lives where they were completely down on their luck and about to give up, but they had that extra bit of will left. It was that final effort that changed their lives.

In so many aspects of life, from playing sports to interpersonal relationships with friends and family to your professional life, positive motivation can not just change your own success but it can change the success of those around you. When you are a positive force in someone else's life and are constantly providing strong motivation to continue on even when they think they cannot go any further, you will find that those around you are more successful in their lives. You will also find that they will cheer you on in your life in the same fashion. Motivation is a two-way street, and spreading a little here and there in key places can reap rewards not just for those you love but for you as well.