Monday, December 6, 2010

Accomplish Goals By Being Flexible

By MJ Schrader

Even a goal that you have firmly in your sights has obstacles and swerving paths that do not lead straight to your destination. This is just a part of life and a part of living. While it would be nice that your path was straight it would not allow for the beauty that has a tendency of surprising you. And even the obstacles have their benefits as well.

How can obstacles be good?

You may think that inventing something that does not work as intended as a bad thing. It may seem like it, but then again it could be the key to something else. Also it tells you that your plan is off and helps you move back to the right direction. That flat tire on the way to the important meeting may hurt, but you will change your plans accordingly and sometimes things like that are unavoidable. Yet, you must be flexible and willing to change.

What can be beautiful in an obstacle?

Writing x number of songs this year may seem terribly important when you make the plans. Then a few months later, when you find out you are going to be a parent, that goal of x number songs may seem a lot less important. You may decide to do half as many. It may be that a job that pays you for song writing appears, writing x number of songs for free versus fewer for money may change your goal. Either way you continue writing songs, which is your goal, it just needed a little flexibility.

Do you remember your long term goal?

If you are driving to Las Vegas from New York, there are many ways to get there. Las Vegas is your goal but a detour for whatever reason does not mean you will not get there if you keep that as your goal. A flat or car repair still will not change your goal of Las Vegas unless you do. You will discover different things about yourself about the world when you continue on your goal and be flexible about how to get there.

Can you be flexible in your goals?

You may think that you should stick firm to your goals and the path to get there. Unfortunately something will suffer if you do not allow any flexibility in your path. You may suffer from loss of friends or family, or even your health if you drive yourself down a path that changed. Your dreams may suffer because something else will fail and create a problem that makes you dreams impossible. Be flexible in how you get to your goals and your dreams will be easier to reach.