Friday, December 3, 2010

Passion and Enthusiasm - So Why the Big Secret?

By Lorna Shanks

What's the basis for what you do? You are passionate about it.

If you are passionate about what it is you do, then openness and transparency is what your business strategy is all about. Right? Exactly!

It's human nature.. when you are passionate about what it is you do, and what you have to offer, then you want to tell the whole world about it.

So here's the dilemma... how come there are so many who keep what it is they have to offer a secret? "Opportunity" seems to be the buzz word for something being offered without giving details as to what exactly is being offered.

If there is a product, service or business venture that could really help people and enrich their lives, you want to let people know about it... get them excited about it, just as you are. Passion and enthusiasm cannot be contained.

Will people get excited about and buy into something that will benefit their health, make their life easier, or give them a proven system that allows them to work for themselves? Most likely they will. Will they buy into "an opportunity"? Pretty hard sell.

So the question is... why the secret? Is the passion not there? Are people afraid someone else will steal the idea or their potential clients? (Another topic for discussion.) What is it?

Sharing passion and enthusiasm... and being open about exactly what's available to help people and enrich their lives is a great thing to bring to the world. Let's hear about it.