Thursday, December 2, 2010

55 Tips to Make Work More Fun

1.Take 60 seconds to think about your favorite moment at work.
2.Invite a new co-worker out to lunch.
3.Bring an extra dessert for your boss.
4.Eat perfectly ripened grapes.
5.Watch a YouTube video – search “Office Pranks”
6.Come up with a wild idea for the advertising department even if you aren’t in their department.
7.Buy donuts for everyone
8.Bring in orange juice for everyone
9.Find an awesome joke online, memorize it and tell it to everyone.
10.Don’t wear any underwear.
11.Bring in freshly brewed sun tea.

12.Make everyone a copy of your favorite music.
13.Have a paper airplane contest. Whoever’s plane goes the farthest gets an extra 15 minute break.
14.Wear two different colored socks, see if anyone notices. (step farther – different shoes)
15.Give a friendly wink and a smile at someone that you know won’t report you to HR.
16.Bake cupcakes.
17.Write a poem and print out a copy for everyone.
18.Make everyone gather for a group photo.
19.Compliment everyone that you interact with.
20.Ask everyone how they are feeling (really listen).
21.Bring in a plant for your desk (workspace).
22.Bring in stickers that a third grade teacher would have i.e. “You are Great,” and pass them out.
23.Ask all your co-workers for their best joke. The best one gets a cup of coffee or beer.
24.Create a “show and tell” every Friday.
25.Have a child paint the office a picture.
26.Stretch at your desk for five minutes
27.Bring in your old magazines and put them in the lunch room for someone else to read.

28.Laugh at yourself.
29.Give a copy of your favorite book to the employee who annoys you the most.
30.Celebrate everyone’s birthday – tailor it to their likes (note: do not buy a generic cake).
31.Dress up like it’s a party.
32.Celebrate a big contract or completion of a project by having music, dancing and a prize of a dinner for two.
33.Wash a co-worker’s car during your lunch.
34.Have a dress-up day on a random day (besides Halloween).
35.Switch jobs with someone in your department for a day.
36.Have a fifteen minute exercise break for the whole office.
37.Write a letter to the most famous person in your industry asking for one piece of advice.
38.Do a 1 minute relaxation exercise that makes you look weird (like yoga nostril breathing), but you don’t care because you’re relieving stress.
39.Have a coloring contest – it brings back the “kid in school” feeling.
40.Make a cup of hot tea for a co-worker.
41.Trade sweaters with someone of the same size
42.Bring in a carved design in a piece of fruit (what type of fruit depends on the season).
43.Wear all white.
44.Give a small gift to all your co-workers.
45.Give every co-worker a special rock that you picked for them and tell them why they got the rock that you gave them.
46.Bring in a board game and play it during lunch.
47.Everyone write a “thank you” note to their favorite client, customer, or business.
48.Let someone borrow your favorite pen.
49.Do your boss’s or co-worker’s most hated task.
50.Throw a party for everyone in the office. Give one reason why you appreciate each person and that’s why you are throwing a party for everyone.
51.Bring in face paints and paint employees’ and customers’ faces.
52.Bring in a cool piece of original art from home and display it in the office.
53.Create a company song.
54.Ask everyone what their favorite animal is and why.
55.Bring in Trivial Pursuit cards and ask people questions. If they get it right they win a piece of candy.
What would be number 56? What do you do at your job to make it more fun?