Saturday, November 27, 2010


Can The Fear Of Failure Be Cured?

By Dave Cleary

Without a doubt the fear of failure has to be one of the strongest phobias there is. The truth is that most of us have this fear in some form and it's something which holds most of us back from achieving our dreams. This fear can be quite complex in nature and it's quite hard to get rid of but it's not impossible. People who have severe forms of this phobia will live out their life in mediocrity; they won't achieve all they want to achieve because they never try anything worthwhile because they fear they won't be able to succeed.

The irony here is that how can anyone expect to achieve anything in life if they simply don't try. You can't get to where you want to be in life if you simply sit back and wait, you need to take risks in order to achieve success. Taking risks will open even more doors which will eventually lead you to the life of your dreams.

However this fear will stop most of us dead in our tracks so overcoming fear of failure should be top priority. If we weren't brought up with a winning attitude to life then the odds are that we simply won't take any risks. It's the risks which pay off in the end so it's very important to rid yourself of this fear if you think you have it.

The real truth is that we all fail at some stage. If we don't fail then how can we ever learn? Edison had over thousands of failures before he invented the light bulb, he didn't view these failures as failures at all, in fact he said that each time he didn't succeed he put it down to another way of not to inventing the light bulb, he obviously didn't suffer from the fear of failure phobia.