Friday, November 26, 2010

Purpose Driven Life - Are You Aligned With Your Soul's Mission?

By Sheryl Schlameuss Berger

Are you doing what you believe you are meant to do here on Planet Earth? Do you feel you are aligned with the intentions of your soul, in sync with your spiritual "grand plan" of life?

Theoretically, one would be most enlightened, serene and at balance with the world if one is truly living their life "on purpose." But as complex human beings in possession of egos and personalities, it is not always easy for us to figure out exactly what we want to do in life.

What does alignment mean to you personally? Are you in the flow of what you are meant to do here? And how do you know if you are?

I believe there are four different aspects that make up our "alignment." Consider these aspects to help you evaluate whether you are currently on the life path that feels right to you.

1) What you do - your work here. This can refer to your job/career/service that you provide. Though this is usually in exchange for income, sometimes it is voluntary. Are you doing something that you are passionate about, something that feels right to you, something you are proud of doing or something that might serve or help others in some way? If you answered "yes" to most of these, then you are are most likely in alignment about what you are doing here on planet Earth.

2) Where you do it - geographically. Do you feel comfortable, joyful about your location? Or are you longing to be elsewhere? If you are in the busy city, do you yearn for open space, greenery, land? Or vice versa? Are you dreaming of living in another country and establishing a life there?If you answer these questions honestly, and if you are truly at ease with this aspect of your life, then congratulations.

3) Who you are - are you content with the fundamental concept of the inner you - your core personality? Are you kind, compassionate, readily and easily connecting with others? Are you able to love? When you look in the mirror, are you able to smile at yourself and be comfortable with who you are? All these traits comprise someone who is on track with their soul's purpose.

4) How you feel - are you joyful, upbeat, motivated, well-rounded, balanced, peaceful? Do you greet each new day with enthusiasm? Or are you mostly bogged down with negative thoughts? Only YOU know where you really rank on the emotional scale of life, and that can be a very accurate barometer of your alignment with the higher consciousness part of you.

Do you need to be completely aligned with all of the above to feel happy, fulfilled and heading in a positive, successful direction for yourself? Of course not. As physical beings, we are constantly evolving and growing spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. For example, in terms of job/career, I don't believe that we are meant to only have one specific path. Oh, for some people, that may be true - such as my brother who knew by age three that he wanted to be a pilot and became one, and still likes what he is doing. For most people, finding their passion and forming a career from their passion is a process.