Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Create a Goal Chart As Your 'Law of Attraction' Magnet

By Ann Marosy

Over the years I have extensively studied and used goal setting techniques and found that there are a few simple rules that help to make them work. These include:

Make a long list of all the things you want, and then prioritise them. Start working on just the first 3 or 4 items. When they have been achieved, cross them off and begin on the next ones. If you list too many goals and try to start working on them all at once you may become so overwhelmed with the whole process that you eventually give up on all of them.

For my annual goals, I first divide my chart into major areas of life such as: personal goals, relationships, work and finances, health and body, etc. Then I have about 7 or 8 goals for each area for the whole year. However, I then transfer only 3 or 4 of them to each month on my calendar. So overall I may have about 40 goals for the whole year, but only focus on just a few each month.

Goals can also just manifest by themselves. For example, last year one of my goals was to sell an investment property for 'x' amount of dollars. In the New Year I arbitrarily placed this goal in April. I didn't go out of my way to sell the property, and low and behold in late March a real estate agent approached me out of the blue and he sold my property for the exact amount I wanted in April!
Sometimes you may achieve what you desire more easily by simply focusing on the actual outcome you want to achieve, rather than the physical item.

For example: you may want a new car. However, ask yourself why you want a new car. Is your existing car in bad repair? Are you having transport problems in your family and think you need another car to solve them? So, instead of asking for a new car, your ultimate objective may be: "Freedom from transport problems" or "Carefree, comfortable and enjoyable transport". Then wait and see what happens - sometimes you may get a new car and sometimes your existing problem will be solved with a better solution that you hadn't originally even thought of.

There are lots of different and creative ways to design your goals chart and children love to do them as well. In fact, it brings out the inner child in most of us.

A goal chart works for several reasons. First, it allows you the time and space to sit down and think about what you want to achieve. The chart then defines these goals and creates a visual image, which you can be framed or mounted on your wall. This has both a direct and indirect impact on the results. The chart will directly remind you of your goals as well as have a subconscious effect by drawing the desired results into your life. This is creative visualization at its most practical and profound level. It works like magic.

To start, buy a large poster size coloured board or paper for your chart. I love those metallic gold, blue or magenta papers that most stationers carry. Grab all your old magazines and greeting cards to cut out pictures, and sometimes even words, that represent the goals or concepts you want to achieve.

Use your imagination to design the layout. You may wish to create a geometrical effect by cutting out matching wrapping paper in the shapes of stars, triangles or circles in which to place your goals. I also write out my personalised goals on self-adhesive labels and stick them into the geometrical patterns. You can also glue on small affirmation cards or photos. Make it as personal as you like. Use you imagination and have fun - and then watch all your goals and intentions magically appear! At the very least, you will find yourself more motivated to working on these goals and have something positive to aim to.

Remember, a life without goals is aimless and soul destroying.