Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Positive Thought and Meditation Promotes Less Depression

By Vicki Perry


Fall has been here for a while, taking away our bright sunny days of summer. The dead of winter will soon be upon us, leaving the skies dark, gray, and gloomy and the greenery around us bare. During these months, many people will become depressed, especially if you reside in a place where winter keeps that first glimpse of sunlight from beaming through the trees for quite some time.

In the Pacific Northwest, skies remain gloomy for about 8 or 9 months, depending on the year. Some people may need assistance in keeping on the "sunny side" of life during these months.

There are some things you can do to help alleviate feelings of depression and unhappiness right in the comfort of your own home. If you are clinically depressed, while these suggestions may help, you need to seek advice from a physician or psychiatrist for certain medicinal therapies. But for those of us that want that "pick-me-up" during the duller, depressing, darker days of winter, these suggestions might be of some help.

Be sure to keep your area well lit. Not with ordinary lighting alone, but invest in some various types of lights. Black lights, florescent lighting, and even sun lamps can assist in bringing plenty of light rays into your view. Lighting of different varieties will lift your spirits and allow for happier moods.

Burning rose oil or lilac oil in a potpourri burner will help too. Rose oil aromatherapy is known for raising mood levels. Plus, your home will smell nice also! Association with flowery aromas reminds us of spring and summer months, uplifting our moods. The combination of light and aromas are very effective together.

Don't isolate yourself. Being at home alone occasionally is healthy, but avoiding friends and family constantly is an unhealthy attitude and habit. Be sure to get out and enjoy the time with a companion. See a movie or go shopping with a friend. Have lunch with your family. Taking a walk or a jog for exercise is a great way to improve moods.

When you are alone, take a walk and enjoy the day. Drive to the store and window shop. Make certain you are able to get outside to breathe some air and allow natural lighting in your day. Whether the sun is out or not, the natural light of being outside is must.

Comedy movies or stand up comedians will bring your mood up. Put on a DVD or watch a movie on television that makes you laugh. You will soon find yourself immersed and not thinking negative thoughts.

Correct your way of thinking. If gloomy thoughts enter your mind, switch them to thinking of good things. Don't allow negative thoughts to permeate your psyche. We control our mind and have the ability to change what we allow into our imagination or thoughts.

Listen to cheery music. No hard, head-banging, metal music, but something that is light and cheery. Music is also known to pull up negative moods.

While listening to your music, jump up and clean your house. Movement throughout the day will get your mood up and you will also feel much better when the house is clean! Don't tell yourself you hate cleaning and dread each moment you are dusting or vacuuming, but look at it as you are feeling good because things are getting done!

We have control over our brains, not the other way around. By controlling the outlook of things to come, good things, we can produce positive thought patterns and we will then raise our moods. Sit in a room alone with candles lit and let your mind go. Imagination a beautiful place, whether it is on a beach with crystal clear water or in a cave with millions of crystals reflecting light back at you, let your mind go. Control your thoughts and bring yourself back to that place if negative patterns get in the way.

Picture yourself surrounded by these brightly colored light rays. Bask in them. Appreciate them. Allow them to flow through your body and mind, cleansing all the negative and dark thoughts waves out of your head, into the atmosphere around you where they disappear into thin air.

This form of meditation is an absolute must if one is to keep in positive thoughts. Over a period of time while using this meditative form of therapy, you will find your thoughts will flow in a positive pattern rather than a negative one.