Monday, November 15, 2010

The Easy Road Is Actually The Hardest

By Angelene O'Reilly

This is a great way to describe the extra effort we have to use when we take the easy road. Imagine you have a seed to grow a vegetable, you just want to get the end result which is eating your own fresh vegetable. In your mind you have gone over the process of what it will take to get the seed to the stage of being a ripe tasty vegetable.

It seemed an easy process until you got started, you start preparing the soil so it is the right quality for your vegetable to grow, then you start to feel anxious about how long it is taking to achieve your results. So you move on without worrying about the quality of the soil and just put the seed in any old way.

Each day you check to see the progress and give it a bit of water, in the back of your mind you do have a little doubt. This is because you know you have taken the easy road, but still you water it and hope you can reap some kind a reward for very little effort. As the time passes you see the little sprout turn into a plant, then into a plant with some vegetables forming, you get excited and think yes it worked this is great. Each day it begins to grow and ripen, then the day comes for you to pick it.

You pick the vegetable and hold it in your hand so excited to see how great it tastes, so off you go into the kitchen with a little bounce in your step. You prepare it just how you like it, now is time for the taste test.

You take a bite and almost gag as the taste is so bitter. Why is this so? Well the short cuts you took have ended up being obvious with the end product as the vegetable was not grown int he right conditions. So guess what, back to the begin all of again, this time you know you can not take the easy road as it has not worked and has made more work for you then you would of had in the begin.

It is exactly the same when we apply the easy road to anything in our lives, the anxiety we feel at the beginning tricks us into thinking there is an easy option. Don't be fooled as when ever we want to achieve a good result with anything the easy road does not work and will actually be the hardest in the long run.