Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fighting Low Self-Esteem With The Power Of Positive Thinking

By Ramir Sarmiento

As I was walking down the street, I catch myself staring at a beautiful lady. She looks so nice and clever wearing nice outfit with expensive bag on her shoulder. I wonder how the lady looks after her life. Maybe she has this thinking of, I got everything I want. The good looks, well-shaped body and I even have with me all the expensive stuffs a woman craves for!

What else can I ask for? Then suddenly I appeared like timid but I quickly get this thinking knock off while uttering these words, No, no, no...I started to get jealous again. Why do I always fall for that thoughts? - my dear friend shared me a long while ago. She actually has this inferiority complex because of her appearance as to what she think is not pleasant for others to see - a fat body.

All of us certainly have this, what you called insecurities in life. Me, you and maybe your friends and relatives have our own pessimistic respond to a certain thing or things in our lives that don't have a good catch.

Physical features, wealth, way of thinking and maybe how a dress should fit one's body - all these are the main reasons why some people would prefer to consult a skin doctor, buy supplementary capsules and spend lots of money just trying to fit themselves in a more satisfying approach.

But believe it or not, self- fulfillment cannot actually be found in these transformations because the mere fact that no one and definitely not even the most beautiful woman in the world are perfect! Everybody has flaws, which each of us is trying to get resolved hence others would admire us in a way that we want.

However if you find yourself drawing out your closet, looking for a dress to wear, running out for a face revamp schedule, then I'll tell you, you're the worst and undeniably the first who criticize yourself!

Get yourself fixed up! Not what you think a "face-lift" but I'm pertaining to your way of thinking. Change your attitude and the way you respond to what your mind is persisting you. So what if you have that feature?

Don't you know that somebody wants to be like you, I mean because you have other attributes that cause others to admire you? You don't have to think as if you're on other's shoe, cause you may not know it but others might want to be on your shoe as well.

We must the first one to love and respect ourselves! Learn to stand out and face the crowd driven with a positive viewpoint. This will help improved your self-esteem and developed your way of living. If you are motivated with encouraging mind setting, then you'll be able to leave the dark shadow you're hiding with.

Accept yourself for who you are and for what you are made of. In this way, you'll find the true contentment in life. Leave your discouraging moments by getting yourself busy in doing things and habitual practices. Learn to make friends and develop circle of acquaintances. You'll see the development in you.

Positive thinking can cause you to attract and can even give inspiration to others while negative can make you lost even your one true friend. Optimism can raise your esteem and may cause others to respect you as well while pessimism can destruct a good relationship. Being positive avoids failure while negative delays success.

You see negative views bring a whole lot of destruction to you and to your whole life.

As a friend who suffered from such inferiority complex before, I gladly advise you to fight what's not good on your mind and take a step ahead. You have more reasons to spend your life with.

You have a good job, a loving family and a beautiful life to live with. Never mess up your life with just a simple way of thinking. You'll never know but there's a great future awaiting you. You just have to believe your worth as a wonderful creation.