Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Internet Marketing - 3 Magical Steps

By Liv Senstad


Everyone starting an internet business has a dream about success.

By following these three marketing steps you are well on your way.

1. Learning how to market your business.

The first thing you of course have to do is creating a website and a sales funnel- -but for your success you want people to get to your website- -and that might be a bit tricky.

There are multiple ways of driving traffic to your site but you should choose one- -maybe two methods to start with- -focus on these- -become a real expert buy reading, studying and copying those already having success- -learn perfection!

2. Learning how to monetize your list.

Now you've got traffic to your site and a lot of leads- -then you want to sell.

Copywriting is one thing you- -as an internet marketer- -have to learn and get used to if you want to succeed.

You can outsource a lot and get help to do your writing, but even though it will be important that you learn how to present different offers to your list. These skills you will use in your emails, on your websites, blogs etc.

It means also you have to learn about sales psychology to be able to know what triggers you have to push to get your prospects to buy.

3. What you also need to learn is personal development and posture.

You must learn how to think, speak and act like a leader because that is going to come across to your prospects. If they don't feel and accept you as a leader they won't want to join you or buy from you.

In both your emails and on the phone you have to show them that you can solve their problems and help them reach their goals.

This is all so simple but maybe not so easy if it is all new to you. We all know that starting something new might be hard but everything can be learned- -and then it is easy.

If you learn and follow these three internet marketing steps you will be well on your way to victory.