Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Your Life Like a Movie!

By WL Reidhead

Have you ever felt like your life was a movie and you were the star? I believe we all have; at one time or another! The thing we need to realize is our life is like a movie and it is up to us to decide whether it is a comedy, a tragedy or an inspirational triumphant block buster!

We are the stars, the producer, the writer and director of the movie of our lives. Only we have the power of the direction that we want to take our production. Do you not think that we should take some serious thought about how we want the story to turn out?

The comparison of a movie and our life is not too far out because our lives are like a movie and can be either a success or a failure. Since we are the writer; we need to do some serious thinking about the plot and the adventure! Of course; this takes some time, research, dreaming and planning.

What do you imagine the star to be like; what kind of character? Is the star going to be suave, cool or a bum? You have the power to make your star any kind of person your want.

A fun exercise is to imagine the star of your dreams and then think of all the attributes and characteristic your star has. Then think of what your star had to do to become that character. By taking the time to analyze your character; you can find what would take to become like the star of your dreams.

Why not set a goal to become like the star of your dreams?

After you have analyzed all the attributes; do the research to find how you can obtain those same qualities. Begin taking steps to become like your dream star; layout a step by step plan to become that person. With a little time and effort you can work your way to obtain the characteristics of your model star.

Do not lose your own identity but learn and emulate the good qualities that you want to obtain!

Once you start becoming the star that you have imagined; then you can incorporate that into your script and begin planning the next chapter of your story.

Using this exercise you can continue with each part of your life and by doing some planning, dreaming and research you can write every phase of how you want your life story to continue for the rest of your life.