Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Is Your WHY for Getting Organized?

By Martha Clouse


In case you haven't guessed by now, organizing is not an end in itself. There is always a "WHY?" that must be in place. Who wants to even get started on this thankless job otherwise? (Besides the organizer who loves it!)

Fill in the blanks to find your WHY.

I want/need to organize my _______________________ so I can _________________________.

These are compelling reasons to organize as expressed by my clients:

... home office, so I can attract and keep more clients
... closet, so I can get dressed quickly and get to work on time feeling confident
... kitchen command center, so I can better keep track of my family's activities
basement, so I can get rid of non-essentials and quickly access what I have stored there

Think of the pain that your disorganization is causing. Then imagine what your space would be like if you could have your ideal solution come true. How would that solution make a difference in your life? THAT is your WHY!

Only when your WHY is big enough will you take action. The most common results that will stir folks to action are:

*Save time

*Benefit my family

*Save money

*Be more productive with less effort

*Avoid physical pain, be more healthy

*Gain emotional freedom

The best part when someone figures out their WHY and is ready to take action is that I get to help - with written encouragement, group support classes, show-you-how eBooks, and 1-on-1 organizing sessions. Gotta love this job!

When you know your WHY, the pieces fall into place and you will move forward with purpose and resolve