Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Utilize the Powerful Tool of Imagination

By Clement Sadjere

Imagination is the ability of the human mind to create distinct picture and convert it to reality. It is a secret which have been used by inventor and entrepreneurs.

What we must realize, is that nothing tangible can be achieve in life without deploying the potent power of imagination. Whatever we create in our mind can be ours as long as we work tirelessly to achieve it.

There is a distinct difference between imagination and day dreaming. There are millions of individuals who are building mansions in their dreams and wallowing in poverty here on earth.

How then do we utilize this powerful tool called imagination?

Open your mind to opportunities
There are numerous opportunities that come our way on a daily basis. Sometimes we miss these opportunities, because our mind is not tune to the right frequency. We shut our mind and prefer to concentrate on the little things available at our disposal. If the Wright brothers had shut their mind to the possibility of a heavy object flying in the sky, the idea of an airplane would have been buried years ago.

Develop you mind
The human mind is like magnet. Whatever comes in contact with it can easily be absorbed. If we desire to utilize the power of imagination, then we must be prepared to develop our mind through the reading of useful materials, attending training and seminar programs and watching creative videos which can expand the horizon of our creativity and imagination.

Destroy every mental barrier
One of things that hinder us from utilizing the power of imagination is the presence of certain mental barriers in our life. These barriers act as limiting factors in our quest to achieve success in life. In my years of sharing with youths and adults alike, I have discovered few of these mental barriers which include: fear of failure, procrastination, inferiority complex, shyness and wrong myth about success. These mental barriers have destroyed budding stars and rendered future billionaires into paupers.

Take action
There is one basic fact I would want to bring to our knowledge. Everything we are today, or ever will be in the future, is up to us. Your life today is the sum total result of your choices, decisions and actions. This means that unless we take a decisive step to make use of potent gift of imagination, we would remain stagnant in the same spot we were last year. Our imagination can open doors of prosperity and breakthrough for us!