Friday, October 15, 2010

Why It's Now Possible To Permanently Erase Negative Memories

By Nick Arrizza, M.D

Do you know that many healthcare practitioners will tell you that it is a) impossible to erase negative memories and b) harmful to do so? Do you know that there is irrefutable evidence that neither of the above beliefs are true any longer? Do you know that this is based on a new and revolutionary understanding on the nature of memories and how they are stored within us? Do you know this understanding helps one in erasing negative memories thus rapidly restoring one to their natural empowered, divine and radiant self rapidly and permanently? So what does this all mean?

Well, if one examines the effects of negative memories on ones' life it becomes readily apparent that they contribute directly to the negative mental and emotional conditioning that many colloquially refer to as their "emotional baggage". Emotional baggage severely limits ones' self esteem, self worth, self confidence, relationship success, their mental, emotional and physical health, their performance, and the ability to attract abundance into their life to name a few.

In other words it is directly responsible for the "invisible" subconscious programming that makes life extremely difficult and ultimately not worth living. Now, I realize this may sound a bit dramatic for some but if you honestly examine the effects that your negative memories are having on your life you will invariably find exactly the results mentioned above.

Sadly few ever do instead they tend to try and bury them along with the emotional pain associated with them deep in the subconscious mind. Well that is like burying an abscess deeper and deeper because one is afraid to acknowledge its ugly presence. Now, does that sound like a tenable solution to you? Hardly!

The only real solution is to extract it. In the same way the only real solution that will help you reclaim your life from that negative emotional baggage is to erase it. Well it is possible to do this simply and systematically.

After a decade in which thousands of individuals who have been courageous enough to undertake this journey an entirely new consciousness has begun to emerge around who we really are as human beings. You see, it turns out that those negative memories were never actually meant to be stored inside of us at all. Much like in the film "The Matrix" these memories behave like foreign and parasitic downloaded programs that wrestle our freewill away from us and create a mental prison which enslaves us and which we call our "reality".

Many yearn to become free of this prison in the mind, remember and become who they were meant to be, a free, self empowered, self directed, self confidence and radiant being of life?

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