Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Let Fear Stop You From New Opportunities

By Giovanni Pereyra

There exists no worst enemy in human nature than fear. It affects all aspects in our lives. From political ideas to religion, from traditional business opportunity to new trends in industries such as home base business.

Fear has stopped many great ideas to come alive. Fear manifestation is best when change is involved.

Think in the dark ages. It was fear to change what stop implementing new scientific and religious believes to flourish. In times when unemployment is determined to remain high, companies letting go good people out in the streets, there exist a great opportunity to make a change in your life, don't let fear stop you.

Here are some tips for you to keep flowing to your Opportunities.

Control Your Fear. Many times we let our mind to take control. When this happens, we are at mercy of the most fretting experience. Scary movie starts rolling fast in your head, even your blood pressure rise and your hands starts sweating. The most effective way to let fear go is by opening the door when it knocks, most of the time, nothing is there to knock you down.
Practice Your Awareness. Try to practice to be in the now, to be aware of your emotional state of mind. One method is by taking time every day to be in the Know for short time, like 5 minutes period. Then expand longer. You will start noticing all kinds of new details around you. Perfection is as far as next opportunity to try.

Positive Self Talk. You see it all the time. Boxers before the match, students before their thesis presentation. What then stop you of doing in it every morning before each day tasks take control of your life? Gee, aren't you the most important person? Then take few minutes and talk to yourself. There so much information on this topic, due your diligence and get assistance with books, audio etc. Just do it!

Forget Your Title. You lost your business or got lay off, lost your parking place and the title along with clubs and other privileges. You are considering a home business opportunity but you are tied to past labels which don't defined who you really are. You feel defeated by everything you are facing and are not sure what to call yourself by investing in this new industry of home based business.

Ask yourself these questions:

How I could do it better and contribute to someone else solution by providing value in this new business?

What are my core experience and how will have them serve to this new community I belong to?

What is imperative for me to do in order to reach my goals?

How I visualize my life 5 years from now?